About Homekeeper Maid Agency

Maid & Elderly Care Agency

Homekeeper is the most admired service brand in the maid agency services industry originated from a management team with more than 19 years of expertise in providing excellent domestic maids.

Vision & Mission


To be the leading one-stop maid agency that provides customers with a comprehensive range of premium domestic solutions.


1. Customised services
  We seek to deliver customised domestic solution to meet the unique requirement of our customers, ensuring our
  customers a peace at home, peace of  mind experience.

2. Quality maid
 To provide our customer with the most suitable domestic worker that can fit into their household and meet their needs.
 We accomplish this by have established many efficient global recruitment networks to scout for that perfect match for

3. Comprehensive training
 To establish the best training system & educate our FDW, both locally and overseas. Ensuring all necessary skills that are
 relevant to their day to day work performance are imparted to them


As a premium domestic solution provider, we took pride in ensuring that our customers’ needs are well taken care of whole providing excellent services to the customers, we also endeavour to develop the skills and abilities of the FDW. We believe that by listening and understand the need of both customer and FDW, we can build a healthy and enduring relationship between the two parties.


Homekeeper Proudly Presents: 100% Compliance

Personal Data Protection Commission

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License No.: 09C5350, 09C5352 and 12C5888