Difference between a Part Time Maid and Full Time Maid?

Difference between a Part Time Maid and Full Time Maid?

Are you looking for someone to help you around the house? Deciding which type of helper is best for you must be a confusing task. Don’t worry because you’re not alone. Many people are unaware of the difference between a part time maid and a full time maid.

Let’s break down the differences between these two types of services. When you clearly know the differences between the two services, you can determine which one is better for you. When you have decided, you can easily contact a maid agency in Singapore to help you find the full time maid or part time maid.

What Is A Part Time Maid Service?

If you want your house to be tidy, quickly hire a part time maid. Part time maids are normally associated with a cleaning agency in Singapore, and you can hire them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Maid?

  • Vacuuming and shampooing the carpet
  • Mopping and cleaning the floor
  • Deep cleaning of the kitchen
  • Deep cleaning of the bathroom
  • Dusting of the entire house
  • Heavy cleaning of windows, sills, and doors.
  • Cleaning behind all the heavy furniture

What Is A Full Time Maid?

You usually hire full time maid services when you want to employ someone for full-time services. Full time maid in Singapore must live in the house of their employer. They are treated as a part of the family. They are not just hired for cleaning but are also in charge of the house. Families hire full time maid to keep things in order because they are busy all day with office-work.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Full Time Maid?

  • Vacuuming the carpets
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Dusting
  • Washing the dishes
  • Making the beds and replacing the sheets.
  • Washing, ironing, and folding clothes
  • Running some errands for the house
  • Preparing food for the family
  • Taking care of the pets and taking them for a walk
  • Basic organizing and cleaning of the house
  • Sending the kids to school
  • Restocking items, including personal care

What Are Some Of The Differences Between A Part Time Maid And A Full Time Maid?

Full time maid are treated as a part of the family because of their long stay and affiliation with the family. They are in charge of household matters and are close to the family because they live on site. They have to perform tasks daily.

Whereas; you mostly hire a part time maid for a specific period to do heavy cleaning. Part time maids rarely live with the family and come in only to do deep cleaning tasks. You do not need those tasks to be done every day. You only need them a few times around the year. For example, shampooing the carpets or cleaning behind heavy furniture and appliances.

What Services Are Offered By A Maid Agency In Singapore?

1. They help you find a reliable maid

Singapore maid agencies have created a database through which you can easily access the biodata of each candidate. They have already conducted background checks on the maids. That makes the maids more trustworthy. Maid agencies in Singapore have made it less time consuming and more convenient to find a domestic helper. You can now easily select a maid that suits your requirements.

2. They provide you with trained maids

Singapore maid agencies test maids through pre-employment training programs to provide you with efficient and knowledgeable maids. These maids know fully about their job and are less prone to making mistakes.

3. Handle maid insurance for you

To provide fair coverage for maids, maid agencies in Singapore have aligned themselves with reputable insurance companies. If you have a claim to make regarding your maid, you can easily contact their customer service and inform them about the matter. Once your claim is approved, they will directly send you a cheque. Their insurance policy covers repatriation costs, hospital expenses, etc.

4. Paperwork for maid employment

The maid you have selected will require a work permit to start working for you. Singapore maid agencies do all the paperwork on your behalf. They also do the paperwork for you when you need to cancel your maids work permit. This will save you from all the hassle of doing the paperwork yourself.

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Why Is Maid Insurance Required When Hiring A Helper?

Why Is Maid Insurance Required When Hiring A Helper?

Before you hire a helper, you have to follow some compulsory requirements, and maid insurance is one of them. If you want to learn more about other maid insurance requirements, read more on MOM’s website. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) can guide you about all the requirements of hiring a maid.

What Is Maid Insurance?  

It is actually a government required policy to protect you against domestic accidents. Maid insurance is compulsory in Singapore because the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires employers to buy insurance for any foreign domestic helper hire. It was introduced the first time in Jan 2008, and medical coverage was included in it.

Why Is Maid Insurance Required?  

The Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) does not protect FDWs, so it is compulsory to purchase maid insurance when you hire a new helper. As an employer, you are responsible for her well-being, and you are supposed to cover all her medical expenses. Suppose your maid lives with you so maid insurance will protect you from all expenses whether they are related to work or not. Maid insurance saves you money!

Following are some reasons that show how much maid insurance is important for you as an employer:

In case your maid met some accidents, then the insurance company will cover all her medical expenses. Maid insurance is not only beneficial for you but also for her family.

Some maid insurance companies also cover expenses caused by damage or theft of maid’s belongings, and many more.

Ways You Should Buy Maid Insurance In Singapore 

There are multiple ways of buying maid insurance in Singapore. You can buy directly from insurance providers; they also provide good maid insurance with many benefits that can save you time and money.

If you are more conscious about the reliability of the insurance provider, you should look for a reliable maid agency. They are professionals and know their job well. They provide different packages that can reduce your cost. Besides this, they have teams of professional insurance providers.

Hiring a professional maid agency means you don’t need to provide special training to your maid. This is how you can save time. So if you want to feel more protected, then hire a professional insurance company in Singapore.

Cost Of Maid Insurance 

Different insurance companies offer different costs. The basic cost can be expected from $250 to $400 for 26 months. Almost $330 is the average cost of a mid-tier plan.

Maid agencies sometimes offer discounts to their regular customers. Moreover, they also provide some additional benefits.

Contact Us for Maid Insurance 

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Valuable Life Lessons Parents Can Learn from Nannies

Valuable Life Lessons Parents Can Learn from Nannies

Balancing work and parenting can be hard for parents because commitments at work and family cannot match. Moms have a hard time trying to balance work and family life, especially after having a baby. Statistically, most parents, especially moms, are joining the workforce.

Parenthood requires some skills like setting plans, organizing yourself, and balancing parenthood & profession. It’s possible to balance career and family with the right help from maids and nannies. You don’t need to worry about where to get your maid because there are maid agencies in Singapore with professionals!

Life Changes When We Become Parents

There is a huge transformation that comes after giving birth both physically and psychologically. The transformation to motherhood changes a woman’s body, and there are many challenges during postpartum. The changes are quite normal and inevitable.

Women are quite different; hence their body changes may differ after giving birth. Lactation can make it hard for a new mom; hence, getting helpers or nannies from a Singapore maid agency is vital.

Breastfeeding moms face challenges if they are still working, and this mostly affects single mums with no other support system. You have to work and look after the newborn baby.

In most cases, it’s advisable to hire a nanny. Newborn babies cry a lot; hence it can get harder for new moms to look after the kid alone. In these instances, it’s crucial to hire a nanny.

At times the mom may have developed complications while giving birth, and she may experience pain after giving birth.

Moms experience immunity changes after giving birth; hence infections may arise. That way, a mom may feel sickly after birth, and the baby needs attention. It’s advisable to get professional help in these instances, and you can get it from a maid agency in Singapore.

As a new mom, you need to watch your diet and adhere to the doctors’ instructions about nutrition. Cooking food, shopping for groceries, etc., can be hectic after giving birth; hence a nanny can help with these tasks.

You should avoid some foodstuffs when breastfeeding; hence, you need a house maid who understands all these things. To get a professional maid, the maid agency in Singapore can be of great help.

The transition can be hard, especially for new moms, but with the help of maids and nannies, going through this transition won’t be as hard.

A nanny helps you achieve peace of mind because newborns are a lot to handle! Some benefits of getting a nanny from a maid agency are;

  • Nannies stay at home, and they give your child routine care; hence you won’t worry about anything.
  • Nannies from maid agencies have experience handling young kids; hence there is more control in the house.
  • The baby will get all the attention it needs as long as you have a professional nanny.
  • Your baby will be safe at the hands of a maid from Singapore agencies because they have the skills to look after the kid.
  • When you have a nanny, you can easily carry on with your daily activities confidently without worrying about your baby’s safety.

Important Life Lessons from Maids Who Double Up As Nannies for Children

Nowadays, maids mostly double up as nannies for kids globally, and as long as you hired a professional nanny, you will learn a lot from them. People assume that it’s easy for nannies, but the tasks come with commitment, sacrifice, a listening ear, and other virtues.

There is a lot you can learn when you watch how maids handle kids. They are inspirations to many moms because they have the skills at hand, making your parenthood journey easier.

Firstly, they are well trained, and with these skills, they can handle all instances like emergencies well. If a kid is choking, a trained maid will know how to rectify the kids’ situation.

Secondly, professional maids know how to handle house chores, cleaning & disinfecting surfaces, cooking, among others. You will not worry about hygiene levels in your house as long as you have professional house help.

Maids help kids learn basics faster like crawling, walking up to their first bike ride, etc. with trained house help, your kid will learn new things daily, and some maids help kids with homework accurately!

Maids from agencies have skills to handle a kid well; hence they develop a special bond with a kid. The kid feels like the maid is more of a mom/ aunt than a housekeeper. The attachment assures you that the kid is safe even when you are at your workplace.

Engage a Maid Agency in Singapore to Hire a Suitable Helper

To enjoy all the benefits listed above, you should hire professional help to lighten the load of working and looking after your kids.

You should get a helper from a maid agency in Singapore for a smooth parenthood journey! Are you looking for the best maid agency in Singapore? Get in touch with us for the most affordable services.

Cost Guide of Direct Hiring a Maid in Singapore

Cost Guide of Direct Hiring a Maid in Singapore

If you need a house-help, the task of hiring can be hectic, but with several tips, this can be easy! 

Firstly, you should understand that hiring a house-help entails bringing a new face to your family, and that’s why you should take time before coming up with the final decision on who to hire. 

There are 2 ways to directly hire a maid in Singapore, either to engage a maid agency or directly hiring from a source country.

The main differences are time, effort, and costs. This article will focus on the costs of direct hire maid versus engaging a maid agency.

What is direct hire maid in a nutshell?

You can actually directly hire a maid without engaging any maid agency in Singapore. There are so many online job portals to match employers and FDW. Moreover, you can also search for a maid from Facebook Direct Hire Group.  You are allowed to apply In-Principle Approval from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) by yourself.

Why is it cheaper than engaging a maid agency?

There are several factors to consider when you choose to direct hire or engage a maid agency, such as employment paperwork, sourcing for flight, insurance medical checkup, finding a suitable and reputable maid training centre. 

Cost factor #1: Tedious and complicated maid employment paperwork

If you direct hiring a maid without engaging an agency, you can save agency fee and skip all service agreements with the maid agency. 

There is minimal paperwork when it comes to the creation of employment contracts, among other things.  The paperwork involved in hiring maids through agencies can be a bit tedious or complicated. Through direct hires, you can evade all these complex processes.

You are able to handle tedious and complicated maid employment paperwork by own which includes In-Principal Approval, Embassy Contract, Insurance Policy, Salary Arrangement Table,  Standard Employment Contract, Rest Day Agreement, Safety Agreement, etc.

Cost factor #2: Time-consuming admin work

You can save maid agency fee and process admin work by yourself. However, it is quite time-consuming to process all the admin work. You must make sure you get a legal work permit before your maid starts working. 

Cost factor #3: Maid training and pre-deployment admin work

You can send your maid to attend suitable maid training with reasonable price. Some maid agencies charge additional cost for the standard maid training, you do not have a chance to choose the suitable training programme. Moreover, you must issue a work permit and explain all maid-related agreements to your maid.  

Should You Directly Hire A Maid In Singapore?

If you’re ready to get hands on and involved in the process, you can and you’ll save money. Make sure you comply with all MOM and Embassy required processes.

You have full control over who you hire since you handle everything from start to end.

But if you face any problems or roadblocks, you can always engage a reputable and trustworthy maid agency in Singapore such as Homekeeper.

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List Of Maid Agency Services In Singapore: A Complete Guide

List Of Maid Agency Services In Singapore: A Complete Guide

Ever felt like you need an extra pair of hands to help with your household chores and run some errands? Chances are that you need another person to help you complete those tasks, especially if you and your partner are working.

Hiring a maid or helper can alleviate your responsibilities and let you focus on work without suffering a breakdown amid this taxing pandemic. Besides, if you have any young children or elderly in the house, having a maid can be very helpful.

With so many maid agencies providing a variety of services in Singapore, it can be challenging to find an agency to provide you with someone reliable and dependable.

That said, not every maid agency in Singapore offers a full service, from the beginning until the end of the hiring process. Due to that, some employers will need to engage in several different service providers to hire a helper.

Thus, choosing a good maid agency is your first step to getting the help you need. Ahead, we’re sharing a list of maid agency services available in Singapore.

What are maid agency services?

When it comes to hiring a maid or helper in Singapore, it can be challenging to find one that’s reliable and suitable. That’s where maid agencies come in – to help you find the most suitable helper for your household needs.

Depending on your needs and preferences, a maid agency will come up with a list of helpers to help you narrow down your search. Then, the maid agency will conduct several interviews and screenings on the ones that you’ve shortlisted.

Additionally, the maid agency will deal with all the employment paperwork, insurance, and pre-deployment training to ease your responsibility as a future employer. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each service apart from the usual maid hiring service.

Employment paperwork

Before your helper can start work in Singapore, she needs a valid working permit to justify her presence and services rendered to your household. The same goes to when you’re hiring a foreign helper.

Dealing with paperwork can be tedious and complicated at times. For that very reason, a maid agency like Homekeeper can help to ease your worries and burden over dealing with paperwork.

This service covers work permit application, renewal, cancellation, and repatriation; passport renewal and medical check-ups; embassy endorsement of documents and home leaves process; and direct hire and maid transfer.

Maid insurance

Like your family members, your maid also needs comprehensive insurance coverage to cover their medical fee, liability or other unexpected events that occur during their employment period.

By getting maid insurance, you can protect your helper and yourself from the unexpected costs. Among the features included are domestic helper liability, insurance coverage (death), permanent disablement, medical expenses, etc.

Pre-deployment training

To ensure that your future maid or helper can efficiently alleviate your household chores, a maid training agency will train them before deploying them to your home.

The training includes infant and maternal care, elderly and disability care, and general housekeeping. That way, your maid or helper is equipped with the necessary knowledge to provide proper care for your household.

However, most maid agencies in Singapore outsource maid training to many different training providers. It’s important to find a maid agency that has a trusted maid training partner that has a long and proven track record of providing quality training.

Why do employers choose to engage maid agency services?

You see, it takes an immense amount of time and effort to directly hire a maid or helper in Singapore, from the paperwork to the training. There’s hardly enough time for you to deal with such matters, given that you’re working full time on the island.

Although you can save on maid agency fees by directly hiring a maid or helper, you still need to prepare the necessary documents for your helper to work for you. Then, once your helper’s employment ends, you also have to be responsible for her welfare until she returns home or finds another employer.

Direct hire can be tedious if you’re not familiar with the employment process. For that very reason, most employers in Singapore prefer to engage maid agency services to take care of all the tedious processes.

What are the important questions to ask a maid agency service?

Now that you’re convinced you should engage a maid agency, here are some important questions you can ask to choose the right agency.

How long have you been in this industry?

Like any industry, the experience is crucial to showing the professionality of a maid agency and their reputation in the industry. A maid agency which has been around for longer must have a good reputation due to the services rendered. Therefore, asking such a question can gauge the agency’s skills and expertise.

How do you train your maids?

You’ll want to know that your future maid or helper is well-trained and can adapt to the living conditions in Singapore. That way, it’ll be easier for you once your helper arrives as you don’t have to train them on using regular home appliances. A good agency will also equip the maids with various cleaning methods and train them on safety, professionalism, and customer service.

How much are your service fees?

While hiring a maid or helper has become a necessity among Singaporean households, it’s also crucial to know how the charges are calculated and the hiring cost through a maid agency. Make sure to check and ask for a list of all costs involved to prevent yourself from overpaying. You may also consider other maid agencies to suit your budget.

How to pick the best maid agency?

Picking the best maid agency to suit your needs and preferences doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as the maid agency provides and covers the above, you can rest assured that your hiring needs will be taken care of while taking your preferences into account.

If you’re looking to hire a maid or helper, consider engaging a professional and reputable maid agency like Homekeeper.

We’re one of the few maid agencies to offer a complete suite of maid agency services in Singapore. To know more about our services, you can give us a call at 6468 5220 or WhatsApp us at 8515 5527.

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