How To Care For Your Domestic Helper In Singapore During The COVID-19 Pandemic

How To Care For Your Domestic Helper In Singapore During The COVID-19 Pandemic

With the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives, it comes as no surprise that foreign domestic workers in Singapore may face tougher challenges during these trying times.

In line with the government’s regulations which restrict close physical contact including social gatherings, every one of us has to abide by the advisories to combat the spread of the infection.

While most Singaporeans remain connected with their families and friends via the internet thanks to their economic security, foreign domestic workers are limited to several ways when it comes to contacting their family.

Should there be any emergency back home, they can only offer remote help as they’re not encouraged to return home. So can you imagine how your domestic helper must be feeling during this pandemic?

Put simply, foreign domestic workers in Singapore may have a tough time during this pandemic. However, if you can make them feel at home while working for you, why not? Besides, a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

Here are a few things you can do when you have a domestic helper at home during the pandemic.

Abide by the precautionary measures

As most of us continue to work from home, it’s inevitable for some households to seek extra domestic help. Before hiring new foreign domestic helpers, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) suggests that you hire a helper who is currently in Singapore.

However, if you have a helper who returned home before the pandemic and wishes to return for work, they will certainly be subject to a 14-day Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) upon arrival in Singapore.

Your foreign domestic helper must complete the 14-day quarantine period at a designated facility before being allowed to resume work. Bear in mind that this measure is necessary to curb the spread of COVID-19 as well as keep both your family and domestic helper safe.

Encourage spending rest day at home

Given the current situation in Singapore, the MOM is encouraging domestic helpers to spend their rest day at home. If your domestic helper insists on working on their rest day, you’ll have to compensate them accordingly, given their dedication to the job.

Additionally, if they agree to stay home on their rest day, you shouldn’t assign any work to them. Try putting yourself in their shoes if such a thought crosses your mind; you wouldn’t want to do any work on your rest day.

Moreover, if your domestic helper needs to run some errands on their rest day, you can offer to switch their rest day to a weekday as there’ll be lesser crowds at public spaces.

Emergency back in the home country

When there’s an emergency, it’s common for anyone to drop what they’re doing and attend to it immediately. Same goes to your domestic helpers when they have an emergency back home.

But during this pandemic, allowing your helper to return home may not be the best idea as you’ll risk exposing them to the virus.

Though you may be reluctant to let them return home, such a situation can be inevitable at times.

If you’ve decided to let your helper return home, you should equip them with the necessary advice and protective items such as masks and gloves to keep them safe during their journey.

Keeping in constant contact with your domestic helper may also come in handy when they decide to return for work.

Look after your helper’s well-being

Just like any other person’s well-being, keeping your domestic helper’s well-being in check is also crucial during this pandemic.

As they provide extra care to your family and maintain your household’s sanitary level, your domestic helper may risk overworking themselves if left unchecked. Be sure to check on their emotional and physical well-being before adding on any workload.

Homekeeper can help with your home care needs

If you’re looking to hire a new domestic helper within Singapore, Homekeeper has a database of domestic workers to choose from. You’ll be able to look through their biodata and key information of a potential domestic helper.

Besides, we’ll process the necessary documents for you and your helper-to-be. We’ll then provide maid pre-employment training to ensure that your helper-to-be meets your household needs.

Also, we have a new and upcoming service that allows employers to employ a helper from the comfort of their own home, completing the entire maid employment process online and having your chosen helper deployed to your home hassle-free. Be sure to look out for it!

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Is It Beneficial To Hire A Transfer Maid In Singapore?

Is It Beneficial To Hire A Transfer Maid In Singapore?

Are you thinking of hiring a transfer maid in Singapore? If yes, then there are the two ways you could do so. One is to get in touch with a maid agency in Singapore, an agency to source your maid, or on the other side, you can direct hire a transfer maid in Singapore.

However, you may need an experienced maid agency in Singapore, who could help you with all the required paperwork if you have decided to direct hire a transfer maid by yourself.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a transfer maid in Singapore:

Personal Interview

One of the benefits of hiring a transfer maid in Singapore is that you can have an interview with the experienced Singapore transfer maids. You can arrange a face-to-face interview to explain your job scope, expectation or ask other questions about herself and her previous working experience.


Another fantastic benefit of hiring a transfer maid in Singapore is they are trained, experienced and so would require little supervision to understand your daily routine, like what, when, and where to do chores and at what specific time.

Pose No Cultural Shock for Transfer Maids

As they have been here in Singapore, so it wouldn’t be tough for them to adapt your lifestyle and language, and would definitely not pose cultural shock. It’s best to hire the transfer maids as they will be able to focus on performing their duties and on time.

Well Trained

When you hire experienced transfer maids, you get assurance that you are actually hiring talented and skillful workers to handle all your household chores, including operating electrical appliances, and the other common chores in your home. The best thing is that they get the job done without any demands and confusion.


Hiring a transfer maid in Singapore makes it easy for you to communicate everything you need. Communication with your maid is essential when giving instructions or specific directions.

Information Of Maid Readily Available

It’s necessary to get all the necessary info about the transfer maid, and that’s her current employer. You can get a consent form from the employer, the most required information, and the medical records that would require for the transfer. You can also conduct a check on their employment history.


When it comes to hiring new maids, giving fees to an experienced Singapore transfer maids is not expensive. The best thing is, it can help you eliminate various expenses, which comprise the cost of arrival ticket, entry test fee, medical check-up, and safety awareness fee, with many things.

However, if you don’t have experience, expertise, and time for all household tasks, then the better option is to engage the maid service in Singapore to help you find the best services for you.

Engage professional maid agency services to find the correct transfer maid for your home

Engaging maid agency services in Singapore will save you time and the trouble of going through all the time-consuming and confusing processes, by handling all the paperwork for you.

With our experienced and dedicated team of staff, we are well-equipped with the knowledge and know-how on applying for any necessary documents and getting them approved as soon as possible.

This will also leave you with the only requirement of providing accommodation for your helper and managing her work performance in your home, ensuring that your experience is a smooth and simple one.

Reach out to us today and make your hiring process an easy one!

Is My Domestic Helper Taking Good Care of My Children?

Is My Domestic Helper Taking Good Care of My Children?

Taking good care of your children is of utmost importance. And making it ensure that your children are in responsible hands is above everything. We understand how much it could be challenging to trust someone for your kids. It’s like having a big leap of faith on someone.

But nowadays it’s necessary to hire domestic helper in Singapore to take care of your children. Being a job person, you could never be with your kid all the time, and for that, you need a responsible and faithful helper who can take care of your kid.

However, it can be challenging to know that your domestic helper is doing well with your kid without resorting to the professional measures, like cams, etc.

So to help in knowing that, we are here with the best tips you could follow to know if your domestic helper is taking care of your children.

Observe Your Kid’s Interactions With A Maid

Always observe your kid’s interaction with your domestic helper. If your kid feels comfortable, he/she will surely nurture a great natural bond with the domestic helper. You could observe if your kid gives a smile to the caregiver whenever she passes by. If yes, then you don’t need to worry, but if it doesn’t happen, then you need to look for the root cause. Might be something is alarming, which your kid couldn’t convey to you.

Pay Attention To The Kid’s Behavior

It will help if you observe your kid’s behavior. Remember, you need to give some time to a new domestic helper to get settled with your kid. Maybe it’s new for your kid, so he/she will show some changes in behavior. But keep a close eye on the behavior!

Various babies can suffer a lot from separation anxiety and could be tough to read if this is not due to the caregiver. However, if you detect sudden changes of sadness or fear, then it is necessary to look into this matter. Try to communicate with your child and get honest feedback.

Ask For The Kid’s Routine

This will help you a lot in evaluating her performance. You could ask plenty of questions to your caregiver to get to know if she is actually taking care of your kid or spend time with him/her. If she fails to share accurate details or appears to be a little secretive about certain things, then it’s essential to look closely into this matter.

Take Cues

You should ask a question to your caregiver to understand what is happening in your absence. Frequent accidents or incidents might indicate your maid is not doing great. You need to keep an eye on that. Frequent injuries might out the neglence of your caregiver. These should be considered red flags.

Inspect your Kid’s Diapers, Clothes, And Toys

Kids tend to get messy most of the time, but that doesn’t mean they should remain dirty. If you notice your kid’s clothes are not clean and have rashes often, then it’s all because your caregiver Is not taking care of cleaning. Ask for the reasons for that and workout on it. Otherwise, you need to switch your maid agency in Singapore.

We are here for your help! All our maids are trained, licensed, professionals, and know their jobs very well. So get in touch with us for the best caregiver services. Homekeeper is the best maid agency in Singapore; you can put faith in our services.

How A Maid Agency In Singapore Can Help You By Identifying The Ideal Qualities Of A Helper

How A Maid Agency In Singapore Can Help You By Identifying The Ideal Qualities Of A Helper

Hiring a maid for the first time can be nerve-wracking as you are not only bringing someone new to your home, but making them responsible for your family’s well-being.

Despite the initial reservations one might have, the demand for foreign maids is on the rise in Singapore and more households are looking for maids to help ease the workload at home.

To make it easier for you to choose the right maid, we have written a guide of the qualifications maids should have before you hire them, and how a maid agency in Singapore can help.

How to identify the ideal qualities of a helper

With many foreign domestic workers to choose from, you should narrow your search to a few criteria to help make choosing the right maid easier.

The first step you can take is to understand the industry’s demographics and wages. You should also identify your main purpose of hiring a helper to find a helper specialised in that area.

Maid demographics in Singapore

More than half of the foreign domestic workers in Singapore are from Indonesia (52%) followed by the Philippines (30%), then Myanmar (15%) and the rest are from other countries including India and Sri Lanka.

If you are hiring them directly, you should be aware of the current and future legislations from abroad.

For example, for Indonesia and Malaysia, there is a limit to the number of new maids entering the market. This makes the hiring process more competitive as there is a lesser supply of maids to choose from.

This is why it is better to hire from a maid agency in Singapore such as Homekeeper, as the staff are more experienced and knowledgeable about the rules and legislations for each country and will be capable of hiring them legally and ensuring that the hiring process will proceed smoothly.

Qualifications and Salary

Generally, more experienced maids will command higher salaries. For Filipino or Indonesian maids, there is a minimum wage of S$580 and S$550 respectively.

Certain maids have gone through accredited training in elderly or child care, are university educated or have extensive working experience in Singapore.

You will have to pay them a higher salary, but maids with these credentials can be easier to work with and be worth the higher wage.

For those who don’t wish to deal with a language barrier, Filipino maids are usually the best choice as English is a commonly spoken language in the Philippines.

Alternatively, if religion or culture is important to you, then you should choose a maid which closely resembles your own background.

If your main purpose of hiring a maid is to help with childcare, it will be advisable to choose a maid with children back home or has extensive childcare experience.

Similarly, if you need a maid to take care of an elderly relative or special needs child, it will be advisable to find a maid with specialised training on how to care for them properly.

Hire a maid through an established maid agency in Singapore

We have briefly covered the top few considerations you should keep in mind when hiring a maid but ultimately, if it is your first time, it is better to seek the help of professionals to ensure that your first maid hiring process is a smooth and successful one.

While you can begin your search online or hire maids through word of mouth, the options are limited and it is difficult for you to assess the maid’s personality through a screen.

You can talk through your needs and worries with a maid agency in Singapore and they can kindly bring you through the expectations and usual steps involved in hiring a maid.

A maid agency will also be able to give you advice on the questions you should ask the maid during an interview or propose the most suitable maids to you based on your needs, narrowing the criteria for you drastically, so that you can find a good maid quickly and efficiently.

Homekeeper ensures that every helper will be trained based on your home care needs before deployment. The training courses include Infant & Maternal Care, Elderly & Disability Care, and General Housekeeping.

This is so the helper will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to care for these groups for you to have a peace of mind when they are left alone with them.

Each prospect will also be interviewed and assessed with strict guidelines before they are shortlisted and included in Homekeeper’s database.

Employers will only have to select a candidate of their choice and be assured that they have already passed the first screening by the maid agency.

After which, Homekeeper will process all the necessary documents for you such as maid employment paperwork, medical and maid insurance.

Homekeeper will also ensure that she is properly trained to meet your home care needs so that she is well prepared to be of service once deployed. Once she is ready, your helper will be able to start work in your home.

If you are looking for a maid agency in Singapore that can help you find your ideal helper – contact us today!

New Portal For Domestic Helper Shortage In Singapore

New Portal For Domestic Helper Shortage In Singapore

As of March 15, 2020, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has declared that all foreign domestic workers (FDW) entering Singapore will be served a 14-day stay-home notice due to the spread of COVID-19 worldwide.

All employers and employment agencies will also have to obtain an approval from MOM before the foreign workers can enter the country. Application for their permission can be done online.

In the meantime, employers and foreign domestic helper agencies in Singapore should ask the domestic worker not to make any travel plans until the approval is obtained.

If approved, they will have to forward the MOM’s approval letter to the FWDs, who will need to present it to the airline staff during check-in and at the ICA checkpoint when they arrive in Singapore.

Stay-home notice for domestic helpers in Singapore

The stay-home notice is mandatory as most domestic workers care for young children and the elderly.

New incoming FDW must serve their stay-home notice in an alternative location such as dormitories, hostels or hotels before they can be deployed for employment.

For those who are returning from abroad, they can serve their notice in the employer’s residential address if the employers are agreeable to it.

It is the employer or maid agency’s responsibility to ensure that the domestic work complies with the stay-home notice and have a local mobile phone to remain contactable with the MOM during the 14-day period.

If breached, there will be consequences such as the revocation of work passes and suspension of work pass privileges. The maid agencies will also be imposed with demerit points if they are found to have violated any of the requirements.

Existing employers should also work with their FDW to come to a mutual agreement for workers to postpone plans, if any, to travel back home and spend their rest days at home until the situation improves in Singapore.

How Singaporeans should react to this domestic helper shortgage

New employers should factor in the new requirements and cost implications if they plan on hiring a new maid during this period.

It is advisable to renew their existing FDW’s contract or look into hiring a transfer FDW to get past this time instead.

As the supply of available domestic helpers is affected drastically due to the virus, employers who are looking to hire a new domestic helper can turn to a new online portal, to search for maids that are planning to switch households.

The listings are provided by agencies and help circulate the available helpers that are in Singapore.

As businesses for maid agencies are not among the list of essential services allowed to open, it has greatly affected the revenue of most agencies as they are also directly affected by the travel restrictions implemented by government policies.

Unlike food and beverage outlets which can reopen after the circuit breaker, it will not be as easy to see new helpers coming into the country for another one or two months.

Homekeeper is here to help with your unique home needs

If you are in need of a helper within Singapore, Homekeeper has a database of available domestic workers to find your ideal helper.

Firstly, you can look through our database of hires, that contains the biodata and key information of each potential helper.

After identifying your preferred choices, our support team will process all necessary documents for you and your helper-to-be.

Next, we will provide maid pre-employment training to ensure that she will meet your home care needs before being deployed to your home.

Reach out to us today and make your hiring process an easy one!

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