New Portal For Domestic Helper Shortage In Singapore

New Portal For Domestic Helper Shortage In Singapore

As of March 15, 2020, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has declared that all foreign domestic workers (FDW) entering Singapore will be served a 14-day stay-home notice due to the spread of COVID-19 worldwide.

All employers and employment agencies will also have to obtain an approval from MOM before the foreign workers can enter the country. Application for their permission can be done online.

In the meantime, employers and maid agencies should ask the domestic worker not to make any travel plans until the approval is obtained.

If approved, they will have to forward the MOM’s approval letter to the FWDs, who will need to present it to the airline staff during check-in and at the ICA checkpoint when they arrive in Singapore.

Stay-home notice for domestic helpers in Singapore

The stay-home notice is mandatory as most domestic workers care for young children and the elderly.

New incoming FDW must serve their stay-home notice in an alternative location such as dormitories, hostels or hotels before they can be deployed for employment.

For those who are returning from abroad, they can serve their notice in the employer’s residential address if the employers are agreeable to it.

It is the employer or maid agency’s responsibility to ensure that the domestic work complies with the stay-home notice and have a local mobile phone to remain contactable with the MOM during the 14-day period.

If breached, there will be consequences such as the revocation of work passes and suspension of work pass privileges. The maid agencies will also be imposed with demerit points if they are found to have violated any of the requirements.

Existing employers should also work with their FDW to come to a mutual agreement for workers to postpone plans, if any, to travel back home and spend their rest days at home until the situation improves in Singapore.

How Singaporeans should react to this domestic helper shortgage

New employers should factor in the new requirements and cost implications if they plan on hiring a new maid during this period.

It is advisable to renew their existing FDW’s contract or look into hiring a transfer FDW to get past this time instead.

As the supply of available domestic helpers is affected drastically due to the virus, employers who are looking to hire a new domestic helper can turn to a new online portal, to search for maids that are planning to switch households.

The listings are provided by agencies and help circulate the available helpers that are in Singapore.

As businesses for maid agencies are not among the list of essential services allowed to open, it has greatly affected the revenue of most agencies as they are also directly affected by the travel restrictions implemented by government policies.

Unlike food and beverage outlets which can reopen after the circuit breaker, it will not be as easy to see new helpers coming into the country for another one or two months.

Homekeeper is here to help with your unique home needs

If you are in need of a helper within Singapore, Homekeeper has a database of available domestic workers to find your ideal helper.

Firstly, you can look through our database of hires, that contains the biodata and key information of each potential helper.

After identifying your preferred choices, our support team will process all necessary documents for you and your helper-to-be.

Next, we will provide maid pre-employment training to ensure that she will meet your home care needs before being deployed to your home.

Reach out to us today and make your hiring process an easy one!

How To Pick The Best Maid Agencies in Singapore

How To Pick The Best Maid Agencies in Singapore

Most Singaporeans struggle with handling a busy career and their family responsibilities. This is where maid agencies in Singapore step in to offer maid services that can help reduce the burden.

Maids can be a huge help in the house by being responsible for the household chores so that you have more time to focus on other tasks.

The best maid agencies in Singapore will help you oversee all the tedious maid employment paperwork and “heavy lifting” necessary to find the best maid who is trustworthy and good at doing their job.

While there are over 2,000 maid agencies in Singapore, it’s easy to find the best one for your home care needs once you know what to look out for. In this article, we’ll explain the various aspects that a maid agency in Singapore typically covers.

Maid employment services

Most maid agencies in Singapore only provide maid employment services to match families in Singapore with a suitable helper for their home.

However, not every maid agency in Singapore has close connections with source countries that supply potential hires. Because of that, most maid agencies can’t screen the candidates thoroughly enough to assess their suitability.

Homekeeper partners with numerous training centres in source countries with a wide recruitment network at various provinces. All maids are interviewed by our professional interviewers and only qualified helpers are shortlisted.

When finding the best maid agency in Singapore for home care needs, you have to ask the maid agency about their screening process. Without proper screening, suitability of the helper is a big concern.

Maid pre-employment training

After choosing a suitable candidate as a helper for your home, she’ll still have to go through maid pre-employment training before deployment at your home. Through the training, your prospective helper will be acquainted with Singapore families’ home practices.

Not every maid agency in Singapore has tight partnerships with maid training centres. They often outsource to various training centres, resulting in varying qualities of training. The best maid agencies in Singapore are different.

Homekeeper has partnerships with established and reliable maid training providers in Singapore – each of them has trained at least 10,000 helpers over the past 5 years.

Furthermore, all our maid training partners are approved FAST training providers for their tested and proven maid training curriculums.

Maid insurance

In today’s context, applying for maid insurance policies online is easy. However, the paperwork involved can be quite complicated and most families in Singapore don’t have the time to do it themselves.

The best maid agencies in Singapore will take care of maid insurance and the tedious paperwork for you, giving you a peace of mind.

At Homekeeper, we work with only the established and recognised maid insurance providers in Singapore, having offered comprehensive and fair coverage for helpers in Singapore for decades.

Making claims is simple and Homekeeper’s staff will take care everything for you. Upon approval from the maid insurance provider, we’ll mail the cheque to you.

Maid employment paperwork

Last but not least, while direct maid hiring is possible in Singapore, the maid employment paperwork is usually the killer and deal breaker for most employers.

It’s understandable for families who have engaged maid agencies in Singapore and the maid employment paperwork service provided was less than ideal.

The best maid agencies in Singapore would make all maid employment paperwork hassle-free and simple.

From work permit application, work permit renewal, work permit cancellation to routine maid employment paperwork and processing, Homekeeper has your back every step of the way.

Even rare maid employment paperwork services such as document endorsements by the helper’s source country embassy and home leaves processing, Homekeeper can help you with all that.

About Homekeeper International

Homekeeper International (Homekeeper) was founded in 1998 and has helped over 60,000 families in Singapore find a suitable maid to help with their unique home care needs.

Homekeeper takes care of all the tedious maid employment paperwork and provides proper pre-employment training for all the maids so that they are able to adapt quickly and begin work immediately for you.

Homekeeper’s four main services includes:

This comprehensive program allows you to find the most suitable maid and enjoy the smoothest hiring process.

Other than paperwork, Homekeeper also handle all medical- and insurance-related matters and have the experience to settle all these things quickly and efficiently so you can find a good maid that will keep you satisfied with their service for a long time.

If you are looking for the best maid agency in the Hougang area, you can drop by Homekeeper to find a maid that can suit your needs effortlessly.

Don’t take our word for it – you can read Homekeeper’s testimonials to get a feel of what clients have said.

How To Deal With Cultural Differences With Your Domestic Helper?

How To Deal With Cultural Differences With Your Domestic Helper?

Are you thinking of hiring a maid in Singapore, but afraid about cultural differences? No problem, it’s common to face this issue with domestic helpers. But the main point is to identify those differences and looking for solutions to avoid them. 

People around the world belong to different backgrounds. They are different because of the varying upbringings and cultures. It’s alright to have that difference, but when it comes to hiring a domestic helper, you need to be very careful. Today, in this article, we will discuss how to deal with domestic helper cultural differences, so let’s get started!

In case if you are looking for professional, vetted, trained, and experienced domestic helpers in Singapore, then we are here to offer the best maid agency service at the most affordable rates. 

Don’t compare

It would be unfair if you will keep comparing your domestic helper with your old one, then it would create conflicts. You need to drop it. It’s common for us to set a benchmark for new workers against their forerunners. But it can make things worse. 

Especially in the initial months, you shouldn’t compare your helper with your old one. This is the time you will build your relationship with your helper. You need to build trust. Give your domestic helper to get settled with time, and adjust in your culture. 

Cultural differences versus habits

There is a thin line between cultural differences and habits. Yes, it’s necessary to identify between them. You will be confused by it at first if your domestic helper does something or does not. It all depends on her previous working experience. Yes, if you have hired a helper who has 10 years of experience in Singapore, you will surely know to handle the garbage and use the washing machine accurately. But it’s not always necessary, so it’s better to communicate your habits and expectations ahead. 

In case if your helper is new, then she will face cultural differences more than the experienced ones.

For instance, you don’t know why she uses bottled water to wash veggies or to cook food. It’s not because she wants you to spend more money, it’s just she doesn’t trust in tap water. So these could be little differences that make a big difference, so you need to address them. 

What to do to avoid these cultural conflicts or differences?

It could be challenging to deal with helper cultural differences. But there is something you can do to limit these conflicts. 

  • Communication is necessary: You need to figure out if you and your helper can communicate well; only this way, you can ensure she can understand your instructions. 
  • Ask questions: Before hiring, you need to ask essential questions regarding basic cleaning or household chores. Like if she knows how to use a cooker or a food processor. 
  • Give clear instructions: You need to pass clear instructions like if today is laundry day, you should inform her ahead. 
  • Don’t rebuke: Mistakes happen in the starting, but you don’t need to be tough. Be polite and cooperate. Understand her difficulties so that she can improve. 

These are some ways you can avoid cultural differences. Homekeeper Maid Agency in Singapore is ready to serve you with the best. All our domestic workers are experienced and well-trained to let you get peace of mind.

How To Hire The Correct Domestic Helper With Maid Agency Services In Singapore

How To Hire The Correct Domestic Helper With Maid Agency Services In Singapore

There are two main ways of hiring a domestic helper: directly or via maid agency services.

If it is your first time hiring a domestic helper, it is better to enlist the help of maid agency services as they have more experienced in managing all necessary procedures and preparing all the required documents for you to have a smooth maid hiring process.

Why Hire A Helper?

With an increasingly demanding and stressful work environment, more households are burdened with the task of managing their time and capacity between work and home responsibilities.

While we cannot add on more hours in a day, we can split the burden with an additional person who can take on the daily household chores and needs such as doing the laundry, cleaning the house and preparing food on the table.

This frees up more time for the breadwinners of the family to spend these precious after-work hours with your family members instead.

How To Choose The Right Maid Agency Services?

Firstly, not every maid agency is licensed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This is a fundamental proof that demonstrates the legitimacy of its maid agency services and its ability to hire, train and deploy maids.

You can also check the maid agency’s affiliations to ensure that the maids are well-trained and certified to work in Singapore.

Check online for the maid agency’s website and assess if it has a clear and transparent flow of information and how it operates.

If it looks professional, and provides all the necessary information you might need to know before engaging in their services, then it shows that the maid agency is serious and prudent in operating its business.

It is also advisable to choose an agency with a high retention rate and placement rate and check if the transfer rate of the maids from one employer to another is low.

These are all ways to check the credibility and reputation of an agency before signing with their services.

We cover some questions to ask yourself and the maid agency you’re thinking of engaging in a previous article.

How To Choose The Right Domestic Helper?

You should start off by assessing why you need to hire a helper in the first place. Should their biggest priority be looking after the children or should they be first-aid trained to take care of the elderly with specific conditions?

Most domestic helpers will be trained to do household chores in the agency and have basic cooking skills to whip up simple meals at home.

If you need a helper with a specific skill set or have a preference for a maid who can cook well for example, you should communicate this with your maid agency so that they can shortlist relevant candidates for you when they go through the interview process with the maids.

Afterwards you will also be able to interview the maids yourself and during this time, you should consider the personality of the domestic helper and assess if they are able to fit into the dynamics of your home and match with your requirements.

You should find someone who is willing to learn and adapt to their surroundings quickly. Someone that is easy to communicate with will also be good so that you can communicate your tasks to her and ensure that she will get the job done.

Homekeeper Helps You To Find Your Ideal Helper

There are four simple steps in finding your ideal helper:

1. Selection

You can browse the wide selection of potential hires, and check through their background and key information to shortlist potential helpers that are suitable for your needs.

You can also visit any one of Homekeeper’s four branches islandwide such as:

  • Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
  • Hougang Green Shopping Mall
  • Ang Mo Kio
  • Elias Mall at Pasir Ris

2. Paperwork

Homekeeper will prepare and process all necessary documents for you to have a smooth-sailing and easy process when hiring your future helper.

This includes work permit applications or document endorsement by the embassy. The agency will also purchase a mandatory maid insurance for your domestic helper-to-be.

3. Training

Homekeeper will fly your helper to Singapore for professional pre-employment maid training to meet your home care needs.

Depending on the focus of your helper, the training courses range from Infant and Maternal Care, Elderly and Disability Care and/or General Housekeeping.

4. Deployment

With a better grasp of her surroundings and skills learnt from the agency, your helper can take a shorter time to adjust to your home and start work immediately!

Engage professional maid agency services to find the correct domestic helper for your home

Engaging maid agency services will save you time and the trouble of going through all the time-consuming and confusing processes, by handling all the paperwork for you.

With our experienced and dedicated team of staff, we are well-equipped with the knowledge and know-how on applying for any necessary documents and getting them approved as soon as possible.

This will also leave you with the only requirement of providing accommodation for your helper and managing her work performance in your home, ensuring that your experience is a smooth and simple one.

Reach out to us today and make your hiring process an easy one!

5 Exclusive Tips for Hiring a Foreign Domestic Caregiver for Elderly Care

5 Exclusive Tips for Hiring a Foreign Domestic Caregiver for Elderly Care

Caretaker services in Singapore are going through a pretty bad phase; people prefer to stay with their aged parents or let them stay alone but not in the presence of a caregiver.

A house full of older people wants to have a full-time maid who can assist them in various day-to-day chores.

Hiring a maid in Singapore is as much difficult as choosing a real stone from the rocks. A lot of complications arise that should be discussed through communication, spreading awareness, and trusting each other.

Let’s discuss the 5 exclusive tips to make this system function better:

1. Having relevant experience

A person who has some background knowledge of relevant job can do it properly with minimum instructions because experience makes a man perfect.

It is grateful if your maid is experienced because she better knows about the ways to tackle a difficult situation without disturbing others.

Experience matters a lot because it trains a person for working well under stress and pressure.

For instance, an experienced maid would easy move an elder from a bed to a wheelchair without asking for help from others.

2. Moral and ethical properties

More and less a person with good ethics and manners wins the game most of the time than a skilled and a rude person.

Our maid agency helps you in finding out a maid who has splendid personal qualities, especially patience and trust.

A challenging situation is: how can we judge personal qualities in a maid? We can overcome this problem by interviewing them, judging their way of communication, and reviewing their previous certificates.

Ask her couple of relevant questions and give her different scenarios and see how she would cope with all the possible situations.

Remember, an older person could be sentimental at times and can resemble a child at the other place. So a maid should have enough patience to handle a sudden shift in the behavior of elders, which is the fundamental property of being a professional caregiver.

3. See your elder’s reaction

We can’t estimate the correctness or faultiness in one meeting. We, humans, require months to observe things closely.

Hire them and let them stay with your elder and observe how she take care of your beloved ones and what the reaction of your elders is.

Are they satisfied and happy with her services, support, and presence? Some people don’t tolerate the presence of a foreign maid in their house who’s totally out of your culture, religion, and traditions.

There could be a possibility that she is doing her job great, but your parents are not feeling comfortable in her presence.

4. Ask expectations

In the first meeting, try to ask her expectations. In which environment she would like to work and what things are required to boost up her energy, which may keep her energetic and motivated.

In the end, inform them about your elder’s habits and nature in detail so that she avoids getting into that situation deeply.

5. First aid kit knowledge

Elders’ skin becomes less elastic with time, and the chances of getting severe wounds and scratches become increase.

Their reflexes and senses become slower, which makes it tough for them to avoid getting hurt. At this place, first-aid kit knowledge and proper skills could help.

While hiring a foreign domestic caregiver to ask for this skill set, if she can attend unexpected wounds. Having good first-aid skills is necessary to determine if your elderly is in safe hands.

Our company, Homekeeper, takes care of your family and providing you an opportunity to hire a professional, experienced and trustworthy foreign domestic helper either for your elder or children.

So wait no more, and get in touch with us today!

Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Maid Agency In Singapore

Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Maid Agency In Singapore

Choosing the correct maid agency in Singapore can prove to be very challenging, especially for first-time employers because there are over 2,000 licensed Employment Agencies (EA) in Singapore (according to MOM).

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a helper and it doesn’t help that there are so many choices out there.

Ways Of Hiring A Maid

Undoubtedly, employers don’t have to approach a maid agency in Singapore – they can choose to directly hire a maid themselves.

However, most will hire a maid agency as it is more convenient and you will feel more rest assured with experienced professionals who will handle all the paperwork for you.

From the selection of maids to the training and issues management, a maid agency like Homekeeper, will be able to manage these tasks easily while you focus on employing a maid that is of the right fit to your household needs.

Different Types of Questions You Should Ask Your Maid Agency

Before hiring your prospective maid, it is good to have some questions on hand to pick the right maid agency in Singapore.

Hiring a dependable maid agency will help give you the peace of mind to hire a maid which you can trust.

This is one of the most important qualities to look for in a maid as they are living in close quarters with you and your family.

1. How long have you been in the industry?

Like any industry, having the experience is important as it shows how professional the company is and how much reputation they have built for themselves within its operation.

A maid agency in Singapore that has been around for longer must have been able to build a solid reputation due to its quality services.

Therefore, asking how long they have been in business is one way to gauge their skills and expertise.

2. How do you train your maids?

You want to have the assurance that your maid is well-trained and can adapt to the living conditions in Singapore.

It will be easier for you if your maid has already been trained by the agency on how to use regular home appliances such as the stove or iron, and have practised using them in the agency beforehand.

Other than teaching the maids on basic skills, a good maid agency in Singapore will also teach different methods of cleaning and give them specialised training on safety, professionalism and customer service.

3. How do you screen your maids?

You want to have some assurance that the maids you may be hiring are honest and trustworthy.

You can check with the maid agency on the background of the maids to have a better idea of who she is and the upbringing which she came from.

If the maid agency is more selective in screening their applicants, this means that the maids are also more trustworthy and worthy of your consideration.

4. What are your service fees?

You should know how the charges are calculated and the total cost of hiring a maid through a maid agency in Singapore.

Be sure to check and ask the agency to list all the costs involved to prevent yourself from paying any hidden fees which you missed when signing the contract.

If the cost is too high for your budget, consider other maid agencies in Singapore that are more suitable instead.

5. What if I am not satisfied with the maid?

Different maid agencies will have different conditions on how to find a replacement in the event the helper is not suitable for your home care needs.

You should discuss this beforehand and be well-informed of the process, if necessary.

It is also important to check how long the replacement will be for, especially if you are in desperate need for one.

You should not have to compromise on the quality standards of the maid for a quicker replacement.

A good maid agency will have ample of options available for you to choose and help in making the replacement process as seamless as possible.

Hiring A Maid Through A Maid Agency in Singapore

Homekeeper is an excellent choice for a maid agency in Singapore to help you handle all the paperwork and processes involved in hiring a good maid.

Homekeeper not only matches you with the most suitable candidate for your home care needs, we also take care of the tedious paperwork, provide maid insurance and offer essential maid training to ensure you have a smooth and good experience in hiring a helper for the first time.

Ultimately, saving you the time and effort during the search process so that you can hire a perfectly capable helper that won’t let you down.

Email us at or contact us at 6468 5220 for more info!

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