Helping your maid to adjust in your household

Helping your maid to adjust in your household

So you just hired a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) and have no idea what to do next or how to set a schedule? If this is the case with you (which we know it is), we are here to offer our best services in this regard.

We know that people who are new to hiring helpers have a lot of questions in their minds. From assigning daily tasks to laying down some explicit instruction, people are always confused. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you in this regard.

So grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and keep reading. I’m sure you’ll know everything related to how to help your maid to adjust in your household after reading this article.

Let’s get started!

  1. Write up a schedule for your maid to follow
    After hiring a FDW, the first thing that comes to our minds is listing down daily and weekly chores management schedules for our maids. Listing down a work schedule for your maid could be of great help and will make your lives much more comfortable. Everything your helper needs to do during the whole week will be known to her in advance. Therefore, setting up a weekly schedule for your maid is essential. You can include when to do laundry, ironing, cleaning, vacuuming, cooking, etc.
  2. Give clear instruction
    Maids are from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. The ways she would be carrying out tasks might be different from Singapore. For example, some Indonesia FDWs are from the poor countryside; they do not even know how to use the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and oven.

    Her ways to do cleaning and cooking are also very different from Singapore, especially for helpers who are fresh to work in Singapore. Therefore, instead of assuming her know your way to do things, you must give her very clear instructions to avoid any misunderstanding.

  3. Assure your maid that she can approach you for help
    It might be quite challenging for your new maid to work in a totally new environment, oversea country which is far away from their family and country. It is quite possible she feels stress and depression. Give her some encouragement and support. Spend little time to listen to her.  Let her communicate with her family in her hometown.  Assure your maid that she can approach you for help.
  4. Lay down your house rules
    Furthermore, tell her clearly that to adjust to the house, she must have to obey some rules too. The first and foremost thing is privacy. Anything that violates the privacy of the house is strictly prohibited, E.g., inviting your friends and other fellow maids to the house without permission. Next, tell her the restriction for her mobile phone usage, rest day curfew, food consumption, etc.

    Make every rule clear and make sure she understands it.  In this way, it helps her to adjust according to the expectations, thus making it easier for both you and your maid.


Understanding all these methods and helping your maid to adjust in your household is crucial. Thankfully, Homekeeper has experienced staff who can teach you how to do it! Nevertheless, our maids are trained on how to do household cleaning, infant care, elderly care before the deployment.

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Tips to Find the Right Maid

Tips to Find the Right Maid

Finding a good Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) for your home can be very helpful. You will finally get to keep your home clean and things in order. But there are challenges too. Not only do you need to work with the right maid agency in Singapore, but you also need to identify the right person to suit your needs. Here you have a set of tips on how you can find the right domestic helper.

Working experience

As you can imagine, you want to make sure that the Employment Agency (EA) connects you with a right maid. Right maids are always going to offer you the best results and quality services, and that’s what you want to think about here. Working experience is important when it comes to select a maid. For example, if you need someone to take care of your elder parents, candidates with experience caring for elderly care would naturally have an advantage over those who do not. So just take your time and results can be extraordinary.


Is she speaking the same language as your family? Sometimes you might have specific linguistic requirements, so it’s important to let your maid agency know that. It will make it easier to find the right maid to suit your needs. And that might very well bring you some great results as well.


Talking with some potential candidates will help a lot. You will find it very easy to figure out who can communicate very well and who’s not a great communicator. That alone will help you identify the right match to suit your needs.

Candidate priority

You have to understand some things about the background of each candidate. So the interview doesn’t need to be solely about your needs. Talk about the maid’s needs and her family. Based on that you can see if you’re able to count on her all the time or not. That might help you talk with your agency find the right match for you. In addition, a candidate’s health is just as important. It might not be a good idea to hire someone that’s sick, so try to take that into consideration.


Service quality is pivotal when it comes to finding the right maid agency. You want to work only with the best customer-centric maid agency out there. The agency will be there to guide you whenever you need their support, and they will make it easy to find the right maid to suit your requirements.

Set the right expectations based on your budget and what candidates you have. Thankfully, Homekeeper will help you pick the right option according to your own requirements. It’s important to assess and understand your needs, and once you do that things will become a lot clearer. You need to take your time and adapt to this kind of situation. You never really know how to find the best maid, but try to list your needs and ensure that you give everyone a fair assessment. At the end of the day, picking a good maid is very important, so make the right choice!

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