Are you the Licensed Maid Agency?

Yes, we are a Licensed Maid Agency. We are proud to be one of the first agencies to receive the Cast CASE Trust Certification - An Excellent Service Standard Endorsed by CASE.

What are the approved source countries for maids to work in Singapore?

The countries are: Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.

Where are our maids from?

  • Indonesian- all around from Java
  • Filipino- all around from Philippines.
  • Burmese - all around from Myanmar

Is the maids trained?

Yes, Indonesian- at least 1 month in Jakarta Filipino- at least 2 weeks in Philippine.

Who bears the responsibility for medical expenses of the maid?

As an Employer, you are liable to pay full cost of the medical expense, including hospitalization. So it is better to have insurance coverage for hospitalization expenses for your maid. So, it is advisable to include optional comprehensive insurance in your package.

Is the insurance inclusive in the package?

No, our package does not cover general insurance.

But, we provide optional comprehensive insurance coverage and benefits at only $160 for your maid

$100,000/- Domestic Helper Liability
$40,000/- Death Insurance
$40,000/- Permanent disablement
$5,000/- Hospital & surgical expenses (Govt. “C” Class)
$300/- Temporary helper expenses (Hospital > 14 days)
$250/- Termination expenses upon certified unfit to work
$100/- Followed up medical expenses (after discharge)
$30/- /day wages & levy reimbursement up to maximum of 30 days - Unlimited repatriation cost (death & permanent disablement only)

Is the banker of guarantee inclusive in the package?

We will arrange a $5000 banker guarantee from insurance company so that the employer does not need to come out a $5000 deposit to the government. But, the customer has to pay $5000 to the insurance company if the maid has run away and could not be found. Nevertheless, customer can opt for waiver of $5000 banker guarantee protection.

What is the minimum income criterion in order to qualify for a maid?

Minimum $30,000 per annum, husband and wife can be combined.

What documents are needed for a first-time employer?

There are 2 types of employers: Local and Expatriate.

A local employer needs to provide following details to process the maids work permit application:

1. Identity Card (as well as those of members of employer household);

2. Proof of income in the form of:

  • Notice of Assessment (and that of the spouse if applicable);
  • or employer authority to the Ministry of Manpower to verify employer income (and employer spouse's if applicable) with the Internal Revenue Authority;
  • or if he has recently returned after an extended absence, a letter by an officer of the company he is attached to showing:

o Employer's position in the company

o Employer's monthly income

o The date employment commences

If Notice of Assessment is not available and the Employer has not paid income tax in the current or previous year,

o employer's income tax assessment if he was working abroad;

o and a statement from CPF showing employer's contribution for the last 3 months, if applicable

An expatriate employer needs to provide following details to process the maids work permit application:

o Passport Copy- of self and members of the family;

o Employment pass and dependent pass of family members living with employer

o One of the following:

Why are there differences in agency fees?

Due to the intense competition by numerous agencies in Singapore, there may be some agencies offering ‘incredible packages’ to the extent of an S$88 or even S$0 Agency Fee! Employers should be extra wary of such cheap packages, as the trade-off being a very high likelihood of getting very poor services. The average cost of bringing in a maid from Indonesia or the Philippines ranges from S$800 to S$1,200. Using common sense, someone has to pay for the difference between the agency fee (e.g. S$88) and agency cost (e.g. S$1,000) - usually it is the poor maid who will have to work extra months without pay! There are many other ways an unethical but ‘resourceful’ agency can use to entice employers. Employers should always ‘read and understand the fine print’ in the contract, especially so when getting ‘cheap packages’.


License No.: 09C5350, 09C5352 and 12C5888