Our Maid Services

Maid & Elder Care Services

At Homekeeper maid agency , we are committed to provide a right match to your needs. We do this through vigorous training to equip our helper with the necessary skills to provide the best care for your family.

  1. Full-fledge FDW Services
    We specialise in the development of FDW from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar. We take pride in our selection with personal screening at our source countries.
    1. Work Permit Application We understand the frustrations of having to go through an application, hence we are here to help you with your online/manual FDW work permit application.
    2. Air Ticket Arrangement To ensure your FDW reaches the designated place promptly, we make all necessary air ticket arrangements for your FDW to any part of Indonesia or Philippines at competitive prices.
    3. Medical Examination The six-monthly regular medical check-up mandatory for your FDW may throw up certain questions for you. We are easily available to answer all your queries.
    4. Choice Insurance Coverage As part of the requirement stipulated by the Minister of Manpower (MOM), we provide you with a comprehensive insurance program of your choice to help you cope with the problems and costs that you will have to face, should your FDW get into an accident.
  2. Renewal Services
    a.   Passport and Work Permit
  3. Training Program
    The training program is specially developed and structured which includes but not limited to.

License No.: 09C5350, 09C5352 and 12C5888