What Are The Best Qualities A Housekeeper Should Possess?

What Are The Best Qualities A Housekeeper Should Possess?

There are times when getting a Housekeeper ceases to be a luxury and becomes a need. When the house chores become overwhelming, your career is escalating, and there’s no time to tend to the house chores. It could even be the house has gotten bigger, or the number of kids has increased. When this happens or for any other reason, you will need a good Housekeeper that can assist you in every way.

Finding a good Housekeeper can be a daunting job. The good thing is you can always look for reliable maid agency services in Singapore. They help to select the best candidates that suit your home care needs.

Here are some insightful points for you as you contemplate hiring a housekeeper.

Why Hire a HouseKeeper

If you can afford a Housekeeper, why not hire one? Here are some of the reasons hiring a Housekeeper is a good idea:

  1. ∙ Hiring a housekeeper reduces your domestic work to-do list. Consequently, you have peace of mind and ample time to relax and work on other things

  2. ∙ Housekeepers are professionals, meaning that the cleaning in your house will be top-notch compared to what you would have done. A housekeeper will ensure that everything is shining, spotlessly clean, and of course, the smell gets better

  3. ∙ With a Housekeeper, you get extra time alone. Time alone will improve your mental health and also allow you to be more creative with your skills

  4. ∙ A Housekeeper will give you pointers that will better your cleaning skills

  5. ∙ Having a Housekeeper takes care of the cores implies that you will have more time and energy for friends, family, and partners. You will be able to have quality time with them, without having to worry about something you ought to do or you should have done

Qualities to Look for In a Housekeeper before Hiring 

There are two ways to go when hiring a Housekeeper. You can go independent, or you can choose to get services from a maid agency. Either way, it is essential to know what to look for in a Housekeeper. Here are some of the qualities:

  1. ∙ They must have good organizational skills to tidy up the house.

  2. ∙ A Housekeeper ought to have good communication skills to communicate her doubts with the Employer to work efficiently.

  3. ∙ They should be flexible. Things happen out of the blues that were no part of any plan. A flexible Housekeeper will see to it that nothing goes wrong and will assist you in every way

  4. ∙ A good Housekeeper is honest, loyal, and trustworthy. When they make a mistake and admit to it instead of concealing it, you will know they are genuine, and you can trust them to tell you the truth in case of anything.

  5. ∙ They should be hardworking. You do not want a lazy Housekeeper. Hardworking helpers will put their energy into work.

  6. ∙ They should be innovative and creative. The Housekeeper can come up with cleaning systems and maintains them. It also means when a problem arises, they will solve it without having to wait for the Employer.

  7. ∙ A Housekeeper should be attentive to details to ensure that every corner of the house is cleaned and taken care of

  8. ∙ They should carry out their work professionally and ethically.

Maid Agency Services Singapore 

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Are Employers Responsible For Medical Expenses Of The Maid?

Are Employers Responsible For Medical Expenses Of The Maid?

Like other Singaporeans, you might be swamped with house chores. Also, you have to attend to work, social commitments, and self-care needs. Do you wish of having more hours to relax? Then, you need to consider a maid. However, the process of hiring a maid is not easy since you need to ensure their well-being. Remember, some diseases don’t show on the face.

Luckily, the maid employment agency Singapore helps you to ensure that the domestic helpers undergo medical examination before they acquire their work permit. During the medical check, the maid will be tested for malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and HIV aids. But due to the rise of Coronavirus, it is good to ensure that the helper undergoes a test for Covid-19.

It is good to note that Covid-19 has affected different parts of the world. And if you allow a sick helper into your house, you might be putting the children and elderly at risk.

Responsibilities of the Employer When It Comes To Medical Expenses 

Your maid plays a crucial role in supporting your household. However, managing a domestic worker can be challenging, especially when it comes to medical care. You need to pay medical attention from the time the maid falls sick until they recover.

As required by MOM, Employers have to buy both medical insurance with a minimum coverage of $15,000 per year and personal accident insurance for your domestic helper before employing them. By doing so, it helps to better manage the risk of having to pay large sums of money for their medical FDW’s medical expenses. Also, since the medical expenses could be high, employers can opt for insurance with a higher coverage to protect themselves against large medical bills.

Employer Must Not Pass On the Medical Costs to Helper 

It is good to note that Employers are not allowed to deduct any medical care cost from the maid’s salary in Singapore. Even if she doesn’t feel sick, you need to send them for medical checkups every six months, according to Singapore’s employment conditions.

According to the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, every domestic helper should undergo a medical checkup every six months. Failure to this, her work permit will be canceled. The good thing is that you will receive a notification letter when the maid’s medical examination is due.

At times, you might feel that the medical cost are high and decide to ignore the responsibilities. In Singapore, every employer should bear all the medical expenses of their maid.

Ensure the Well-Being of Your Maid   

If you have tight schedule and want to ensure the safety of your kids and elderly, hiring a maid is a good option. A healthy helper will help you in taking care of your home care needs, from cleaning, cooking to looking after the kids and seniors, and all you need is time to relax. To ensure your domestic helper is mentally and physically healthy, you need to:

  1. ∙ Make sure that your helper eats a well-balanced diet

  2. ∙ Ensure safe working conditions

  3. ∙ Encourage the maid to see the doctor as soon as they detect any signs of illness.

  4. ∙ Give your helper enough time to rest and sleep.

Engage a Maid Agency in Singapore 

Finding a maid in Singapore can be easy, but managing the responsibilities of ensuring that they undergo medical examination can be challenging. That’s why you need to consider the services of a maid employment agency in Singapore. They will not only help you find a reliable maid but also guide you through the employment process.

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What Are The Current Medical Checks Necessary For Maids?

What Are The Current Medical Checks Necessary For Maids?

A domestic helper is more than cleaning clothes and the house. Imagine being in a situation where you have to wash clothes, look after the kids, cook, clean the house, and go to work. You might find yourself in a confusing situation and lack the time to rest. With a maid, you will have time to relax and have a better social life. Also, you’ll have a healthier home since the domestic helper has all the time to keep your home clutter down and removing allergens.

If you’re living in Singapore, it can be easy to find a domestic helper since you can consider a maid employment agency. However, remember, the helper might be exposed to germs or other health issues. When they arrive at your home, they are likely to affect you or your family members. Also, do you know that offering paid sick leave can lead to inconveniences at your home? However, the good thing is that hiring a maid in Singapore comes with added legal requirements. You need to carry out medical checks to ensure that the maid is physically and mentally healthy.

Here are two current medical checks necessary for maids:

Pre-Employment Maid Medical Examination

The domestic helpers is required to visit a Singapore-registered doctor for a pre-employment maid medical examination within 2 weeks of her arrival in Singapore. After passing all the mandatory medical tests, she will be issued a Work Permit.

Her Work Permit will only be issued if she passes the medical examination. Otherwise, she will have to be sent home.

This medical examination is designed to allow the maid to undergo four tests for common infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis, and malaria. If you are concerned about the maid’s health, you can ask for more tests to be sure that they are fit to work. At times, the maid has to wait too long before the medical screening is done. In this case, it is good to consider a maid employment agency Singapore. An agency can guide you on the right techniques that will make the process easier.

Six-Monthly Medical Examination (6ME)

During the Helper’s employment, you will have to send her for medical screening every 6 months. The examination screens for pregnancy, syphilis, tuberculosis, and HIV. Your maid can use the home-based 6ME services if she finds it challenging to go out of the compound. The good thing about 6ME is that you will receive a notification letter when your maid’s 6ME is due. However, it is advisable to keep track of the dates by creating a reminder in your calendar.

The notification letter will only indicate the due date and the examinations needed. So, if you have other health concerns about your maid, you can enquire for other checkups. However, not every maid is a good fit for 6ME.

When You Do Not Need to Send Your Maid for 6ME?

If the maid is over 50 years old or above, she only needs to go for medical examination upon renewal of her Work Permit but not the 6ME. Also, you can choose not to send your maid for the 6ME if you are sending her home within 1 month after the 6ME is due.

It is essential to keep track of the due dates because failure of attend the medical examination can lead to work permit cancellation. Also, it can cause fines and other expenses of sending the maid back home and starting a new process of hiring a maid.

The good thing is that Singapore’s maid employment agency can help you if your maid’s Work Permit is canceled. The agencies understand that work permit cancellation can cost you a lot of money and time. That’s why their main goal is to help the employers in Singapore throughout the whole process of hiring a maid.

How Homekeeper Can Help


Maid Recruitment & Employment

Every applicant is interviewed and screened by recruitment specialists professionally to ensure suitability.

Maid Training & Development

Homekeeper equips all maids with necessary skills according to the home care needs of families in Singapore.

Maid Employment Paperwork Service

Homekeeper takes care of the complicated paperwork for families to save you time and money.

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Comparison Of Maid Hiring With And Without A Maid Agency

Comparison Of Maid Hiring With And Without A Maid Agency

Living in the 21st century has gotten us used to everything happening quickly and conveniently. Nowadays, people are busy with work and life. Thus, they’re unable to find any time for themselves and their homes.
Provide comfort to your life by hiring a maid to help in your house from maid employment agency in Singapore. While you have many things to focus on, a maid only has one focus, and that’s to make your house sparkle.

Besides, you also get time to relax. You can enjoy reading a book or spend time with your family instead of wasting so many hours cleaning the house.


What Are Some Ways You Could Hire A Maid?

There are two ways through which you could hire a maid:

Without an agency:

You can hire a maid by using your referrals. They could be from your surroundings, or you can search online to find someone who is willing to work with you.  Below are some examples where you could get referrals:

∙ Your friends

∙ Family

∙ Neighbors

∙ The company where you work

∙ Postings on social media apps like Facebook etc.

With an agency:

It might take a long time to contact someone and wait for their response. Hence, you should contact a maid employment agency in Singapore. Many of these agencies work keeping in mind the needs of the client. Contact a maid agency directly and get help to reduce your burden. Such agencies provide you with experienced and well-trained maids.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Maid Without An Agency?



When you are hiring a maid while using your sources, the person will be well-known. She is likely to have a good reputation because someone is referring them to you.

Saves Cost:

Hiring a maid without any agency will be less expensive. That will be beneficial for you because you are paying a maid directly. You could negotiate on the salary.

What Are The Cons Of Hiring A Maid Without An Agency?


Protection is not guaranteed:

When you hire a maid without an agency, no one else is responsible for her. In case of any loss, the responsibility is on you.


You are negotiating with the maid. Thus, there is no security guarantee. The security worries will add more work to you rather than reducing it.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Maid With An Agency?


You can trust the maid:

Hiring a helper from a maid employment agency in Singapore is reliable as the company is registered, and in case of any loss, the agency itself is responsible.

Your maid will be an expert in maintenance and cleaning:

Agencies have well-trained and experienced maids. They are less time-consuming and efficient in their work.

What Are The Cons Of Hiring A Maid With An Agency?



Hiring house help from a maid employment agency in Singapore is expensive as compared to hiring without one. Usually, such agencies offer additional services like doing paperwork for you. That’s why they charge more.

What Are The Services That Homekeeper Maid Agency Offers?

If you’re looking for a maid employment agency in Singapore providing high-quality services, you must check out Homekeeper Maid Agency. Here are some of our services:

∙ You can choose a maid through our database:

∙ We provide pre-employment training programs:

∙ We cover the insurance of your maid:

∙ We handle the paperwork:

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When Should I Hire A Domestic Helper?

When Should I Hire A Domestic Helper?

In today’s age, keeping the household in order seems like a bit of a challenging job, especially if you have to do a lot on your plate. While the restricted time constraint of everyday life is constantly rising, the amount of housekeeping one can manage is surely declining. There are many reasons to hire maid service in Singapore.


Why Hiring A Domestic Maid Service Singapore Is a Good Idea?

Hiring a domestic helper can make a big difference and can save you a lot of trouble instantly. So if you find yourself on a fence, here are some big reasons to go with the right maid company.

Working for Long Hours:

If you work for long hours, and always desire to come home and relax, then you should consider hiring a domestic helper for you. Obviously, no one likes to work hard for long hours on weekends; rather, they like to spend time with family.

Busy Family’s Life:

If you live with a big busy family, having children and pets, it could be challenging to deal with multiple housekeeping tasks while taking care of everyone at home. A reliable maid service will bring you relief and focus on other important stuff in life, leaving behind laundry chores, etc.

Support for a senior:

If you have someone to look after in your family members, you can rely on a certified maid to get additional support to the older adult. A professional domestic helper will run errands, cook, and ensure to keep the house well-organized and clean.

You have Regular Guests:

Having regular guests at home could create tremendous pressure. With so much to do with cleaning and keeping the house in good form, it becomes challenging to treat guests properly. Hiring a maid lets you entertain your guest while handling all the cleaning tasks.


The Best Time an Employer Should Hire a Domestic Helper in COVID-19

Ok, so you have been crouching down at your home in isolation for literally months, and now days are starting to run together. After long tiring weeks of around-the-clock cooking and cleaning, you now much be looking for an answer: when is it safe to hire a domestic helper?
Well, there is no fast answer to this. The right time depends on each individual’s risk tolerance.

Like Homekeeper Maid Agency, all domestic helpers travel to Singapore need to take COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test and serology test on arrival. Moreover, they also need to serve 14-day Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) at dedicated SHN facilities on arrival.


Homekeeper Maid Agency— Get the Premium Maid Service Singapore

Are you looking for a trained helper who can help you with all household chores? Do you need a certified and background-checked domestic helper for your family? Homekeeper Maid Agency is here to make it possible for you!

We have been serving the people in Singapore with the best domestic helpers to get peace of mind in terms of home care need. From finding a helper to pre-employment training, maid insurance, and paperwork, we handle everything for you to provide you a hassle-free experience.

Here are some reasons to choose us over others:

  • We have been in this industry for more than 20+ years.
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