Comparison Of Maid Hiring With And Without A Maid Agency

June 1, 2021

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Living in the 21st century has gotten us used to everything happening quickly and conveniently. Nowadays, people are busy with work and life. Thus, they’re unable to find any time for themselves and their homes.
Provide comfort to your life by hiring a maid to help in your house from maid employment agency in Singapore. While you have many things to focus on, a maid only has one focus, and that’s to make your house sparkle.

Besides, you also get time to relax. You can enjoy reading a book or spend time with your family instead of wasting so many hours cleaning the house.


What Are Some Ways You Could Hire A Maid?

There are two ways through which you could hire a maid:

Without an agency:

You can hire a maid by using your referrals. They could be from your surroundings, or you can search online to find someone who is willing to work with you.  Below are some examples where you could get referrals:

∙ Your friends

∙ Family

∙ Neighbors

∙ The company where you work

∙ Postings on social media apps like Facebook etc.

With an agency:

It might take a long time to contact someone and wait for their response. Hence, you should contact a maid employment agency in Singapore. Many of these agencies work keeping in mind the needs of the client. Contact a maid agency directly and get help to reduce your burden. Such agencies provide you with experienced and well-trained maids.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Maid Without An Agency?



When you are hiring a maid while using your sources, the person will be well-known. She is likely to have a good reputation because someone is referring them to you.

Saves Cost:

Hiring a maid without any agency will be less expensive. That will be beneficial for you because you are paying a maid directly. You could negotiate on the salary.

What Are The Cons Of Hiring A Maid Without An Agency?


Protection is not guaranteed:

When you hire a maid without an agency, no one else is responsible for her. In case of any loss, the responsibility is on you.


You are negotiating with the maid. Thus, there is no security guarantee. The security worries will add more work to you rather than reducing it.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Maid With An Agency?


You can trust the maid:

Hiring a helper from a maid employment agency in Singapore is reliable as the company is registered, and in case of any loss, the agency itself is responsible.

Your maid will be an expert in maintenance and cleaning:

Agencies have well-trained and experienced maids. They are less time-consuming and efficient in their work.

What Are The Cons Of Hiring A Maid With An Agency?



Hiring house help from a maid employment agency in Singapore is expensive as compared to hiring without one. Usually, such agencies offer additional services like doing paperwork for you. That’s why they charge more.

What Are The Services That Homekeeper Maid Agency Offers?

If you’re looking for a maid employment agency in Singapore providing high-quality services, you must check out Homekeeper Maid Agency. Here are some of our services:

∙ You can choose a maid through our database:

∙ We provide pre-employment training programs:

∙ We cover the insurance of your maid:

∙ We handle the paperwork:

Are you also in search of a reliable maid employment agency in Singapore? Get in touch with Homekeeper Maid Agency to add comfort to your life. Our efficient services will reduce your workload.

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