3 Effective Tips On Finding A Maid Through A Domestic Helper Agency In Singapore

February 1, 2020

A simple guide to hiring a domestic helper by engaging a domestic helper agency in Singapore for first-time employers looking to free up some of their time.

domestic helper agency singapore

24 hours is not enough time to juggle our careers, run a household, care and play with our children and keep up with the rest of our social lives.

This is one of the primary reasons why most people hire a domestic helper through a domestic helper agency, so that they are able to give you an extra pair of hands, quite literally, to complete the daily necessary duties while you focus on completing more fulfilling tasks.

Domestic helpers can complete household chores such as, doing the laundry, preparing meals or keeping the house neat and tidy. This frees up time for you to spend more quality time with your family or on personal interests or hobbies.

If you’ve never hired a domestic helper before, it can be a daunting task to invite a stranger into the intimacy of your home. Here are some things you can do to ensure that hiring a domestic helper through an agency will be easy and smooth-sailing.

1. Identify your needs and reason for hiring

identify needs for hiring

It is important to prioritise your requirements when looking for a domestic helper. This enables the domestic helper agency to find a better match for your needs and shortlist compatible helpers for you.

Do you need a domestic helper to take care of your children? Handle household chores? Or take care of your pets?

Having a clear grasp of your expectations and requirements allow you to find the most suitable domestic helper for your home.

2. Assess the credibility of domestic helper agencies

assess credibility domestic helper agency

Enlisting the help of a reliable and trustworthy domestic helper agency in Singapore to manage all the tedious paperwork ensures you a worry-free experience with your newly-employed domestic helper.

Be wary of cheap paperwork processing and agencies that sound too good to be true. Cheap employment agencies may help you save money in the short term but may create issues in the long term.

3. Investigate the background and history of the domestic helper

investigate history & background domestic helper

Conduct a thorough check on your helper’s transfer and employment history. You can also assess her compatibility with your household based on the profiles of her former employers such as, if she had experience in caring for the elderly or young children.

If she switched employers within a short time span, investigate reasons for the moves and if possible, gather feedback from previous employers to verify her work performance.

You may also wish to check her personality, language or cultural background to see if they’re compatible with yours and the overall environment of your family. You may get to know her personality through interviews and keep a lookout for her strengths or weaknesses.

Hiring a domestic helper who can speak the language(s) your family is comfortable with is important – sometimes English alone might not be good enough. Some domestic helpers can speak Chinese dialects such as Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew, and Cantonese.

Check on your domestic helper’s cultural background and dietary requirements as contradicting diets may be inconvenient during meal preparations.

Once you have chosen your right domestic helper, you should maintain a proper employer-employee relationship and follow the regulations set by MOM such as providing adequate medical coverage, adequate rest or maid insurance.

Need help finding a domestic helper? Engage a domestic helper agency in Singapore

If you’re lost on where to start, approach an experienced domestic helper agency to help guide you through the process.

Homekeeper not only matches you with the most suitable candidate for your household needs, we also take care of the tedious paperwork, provide maid insurance and offer maid training to ensure you have a smooth and good experience in hiring a domestic helper.

Ultimately, saving you the time and effort during the search process so that you can hire a helper that gives you peace at home, peace of mind.

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