Engaging a Domestic Helper Agency in Singapore for a Transfer Maid

November 25, 2020

Transfer maid in Singapore is one of the more viable options in the current situation, and engaging a domestic helper agency can help make the process easier.

domestic helper agency transfer maid

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many jobs have been lost. Hiring maids is also a challenge because of travel restrictions. It’s a lot tougher to hire new maids from their home countries.

The workforce has also changed since many people are working from home; hence, the demand for maid is increasing due to more household chores need to be done.

Some employers prefer new hires over transfer maids in Singapore, but there are benefits of transfer maids over new hires, and we’ll cover in this article.

You can get assistance from maid agencies in Singapore when dealing with your transfer maid process. If you need assistance with transferring your maid, there are several things you need to know about the required process.

What is a transfer maid in Singapore?

Maids in Singapore can be categorized into two categories, one is transfer maid and another is new maid.

Transfer maids refer to maids who are already residing in Singapore or have worked in Singapore, and are seeking to transfer from one employer to another.

Benefits of transfer maids

If you need professional maid services, you should consider the advantages of hiring a transfer maid agency.

It would help if you had an experienced maid agency in Singapore like Homekeeper to help you with your transfer processes, and the benefits include;

You will save on costs

When you hire a transfer maid, you can easily cut on the costs of air tickets, and the employers won’t pay for the expenses of bringing in a new maid from another country. The transfer maid will have expertise in handling kids and household chores. The costs of enrolling the maid for professional courses will reduce because she will have acquired expertise from the previous job.

You can review the maid’s work history

You can check transfer maid’s employment history from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website. You’re able to check how long she worked with her previous employers, how frequent she switched to another employer.

Transfer maids have expertise in their job

When looking for a maid, hiring a transfer maid is better than a new maid because the maid will have acquired expertise from previous jobs. You will save on time because the maid doesn’t require training. Transfer maids can easily move around the house, carry out their house chores effectively, and be good communicators. As an employer, you will have less to worry about, especially when handling appliances, electronics, and diets.

Things to take note of when hiring a transfer maid

Here’s how a transfer maid in Singapore works

Firstly, you can hire a maid agency to facilitate the process of maid transfer. These are the necessary steps:

  • Make sure that current employer has already sent a maid for 6 monthly examination {preferably 6 months checkups}.
  • You need the current employers’ consent to transfer a maid, an IPA letter containing transfer details, dates, and a work permit.
  • The employer should get maid insurance for the maid because it protects the maid in case of a personal accident.
  • The existing employer should pay the levy until the maid completes the transfer and hiring process.

How a domestic helper agency can help with transfer maids

Hiring a transfer maid can be tedious, but Homekeeper can help you attain the best maid agency services. The maid will be well-trained, affordable, and perform house chores effectively, as explained earlier.

With our experienced and dedicated team of staff, we are well-equipped with the knowledge and know-how on applying for any necessary documents and getting them approved as soon as possible.

Interested in hiring a transfer maid in Singapore?

You should engage a professional and reputable domestic helper agency in Singapore like Homekeeper to help with your home care needs.

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