Find Your Ideal Filipino Maid In Singapore

Many Filipinos work as domestic helpers not only in Singapore but in different parts of the world as well. If you’re looking to hire a Filipino maid in Singapore, Homekeeper can help you source the most qualified candidates that match your unique needs for home and family care.

Homekeeper is a top agency in Singapore, specialising in recruiting and deploying domestic helpers from the Philippines. With over 1000 positive reviews and a 4.8-star rating since 2020, we excel in professionalism and dedication. Our vast Asia Pacific recruitment network ensures a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates. As an omnichannel business, Homekeeper embraces innovation, offering seamless online connections. We equip helpers with essential skills to deliver tailored family care. If you seek an ideal Filipino maid in Singapore, Homekeeper is your ultimate solution.

Why Hire a Filipino Maid from the Philippines?

1. Shared Cultural and Religious Values

Hiring a maid from the Philippines can lead to a more harmonious household environment, especially if the employer’s family shares similar cultural and religious values. Filipinos are predominantly Catholic, making them an excellent choice for families with the same faith. This shared belief system fosters understanding, mutual respect, and a sense of familiarity, easing communication and integration within the family.

2. English Proficiency

Filipino maids are widely recognised for their proficiency in English, which is the second official language in the Philippines. Their strong command of English enables effective communication with the employer’s family and ensures clear instructions are given and understood. This linguistic fluency significantly reduces misunderstandings and language barriers, enhancing the overall efficiency of household operations.

3. Government Support

The Philippine government actively supports and regulates its citizens working abroad as domestic helpers. This support system provides a sense of security for both employers and employees. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) ensures that Filipino maids undergo proper screening, training, and certification before working overseas, thereby guaranteeing their competency and adherence to labour standards.

4. Compulsory Nationalised Basic Training (TESDA)

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in the Philippines mandates basic training for first-time domestic helpers before they are deployed overseas. This training equips Filipino maids with essential skills and knowledge to better understand the nature of their jobs. As a result, employers can be confident in the maid’s ability to handle various household tasks competently and professionally.

5. Warmth and Caregiving Nature

Filipinos are known for their warmth, hospitality, and caring nature. This innate trait makes them highly suitable for working in a home environment, where compassion and empathy are crucial. Filipino maids often forge deep bonds with the families they work for, treating them with the same affection as their own. Their natural inclination towards caregiving fosters a nurturing and positive atmosphere within the household.

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Things To Know Before Hiring a Filipino Maid in Singapore

Hiring a Filipino maid in Singapore can be a rewarding experience for your household, but there are important legal requirements and procedures that employers must follow. Here are the essential things you need to know before hiring a Filipino maid to work in your household in Singapore:

1. Employer Eligibility Criteria

Before hiring a Filipino maid in Singapore, employers must meet certain eligibility criteria set by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). As per the guidelines, the employer must have the mental capacity to fully understand the responsibility of being an employer. Additionally, employers must be at least 21 years old and have the financial capability to hire and maintain a domestic helper.

2. Work Permit for MDW

To legally employ a migrant domestic worker (MDW), employers must obtain a valid Work Permit from MOM. The application process involves submitting relevant documents, including the employer’s identification, residential address, employment details, and the maid’s passport details. The maid must also be in her home country during the application. Upon approval, the Work Permit allows the maid to work in Singapore for the specified duration. Do note that all new helpers must get their overseas vaccination records updated in the National Immunisation Registry before their Work Permits are issued. 

3. Required Security Bond & Insurance

Employers are required to purchase a security bond as part of the hiring process. This bond serves as a form of protection for the maid, ensuring she receives her rightful wages and benefits. The bond amount varies based on the maid’s nationality and is typically set at $5,000 for Filipino maids. In addition to the security bond, employers must also obtain medical and personal accident insurance for their maid, providing coverage for any medical expenses or accidents that may occur during the employment period.

4. Required Medical Examination

Before arriving in Singapore, the Filipino maid must undergo a medical examination in her home country. The medical check-up is conducted by a MOM-approved clinic or medical institution. The examination ensures that the maid is in good health and free from any contagious diseases. The medical report must be submitted as part of the Work Permit application.

Once all the necessary legal requirements are met, employers can proceed with hiring a Filipino maid in Singapore. It is essential to engage the services of a reputable maid agency such as Homekeeper that can guide employers through the entire process. At our maid agency, we understand the significance of finding the right domestic helper from the Philippines who matches your unique home care requirements. As such, our team is dedicated to shortlisting the most suitable candidates for your consideration.

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Let Homekeeper Find You a Filipino Maid in Singapore

When seeking a reliable and skilled maid from the Philippines, Homekeeper is your go-to maid agency in Singapore. We go the extra mile to ensure that the maids we recommend are well-prepared and equipped to provide top-notch home care. One of the key ways we achieve this is through our comprehensive pre-employment training programme.

Our pre-employment training covers a wide range of essential skills, including housekeeping, cooking, childcare, and elderly care. This training equips Filipino maids with the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle their responsibilities competently. We believe that a well-trained maid not only enhances the household’s efficiency but also fosters a positive and nurturing atmosphere for the entire family.

We understand the importance of a smooth transition for Filipino maids arriving in Singapore. We assist in their integration process by providing guidance on local customs, regulations, and practices. Our team offers support to the maids as they adapt to their new environment, ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident in their roles.

Reliability is our utmost priority, which is why we implement a stringent screening process for all our candidates. We meticulously verify their backgrounds, work experiences, and qualifications. Only those with proven reliability and dedication make it through our rigorous selection process. This approach guarantees that you will be matched with a trustworthy and dependable Filipino maid who meets your specific needs and expectations.

At Homekeeper, our extensive recruitment networks in the Philippines enable us to find the most ideal candidates for you to hire. Whether you are looking for an infant care maid in Singapore or a helper to do your household chores, you can conveniently browse through many maid profiles on our platform to find your perfect match. We can also shortlist candidates for you based on your specifications, so give us a call now to discuss how we can help you find a domestic helper in Singapore.

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Salary for Maids from the Philippines

The average salary for a Filipino maid in Singapore ranges from $600 to $800 depending on the maid’s experience. In addition to the salary, employers need to consider other fees such as the monthly levy payment to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), compensation for day-offs, and the maid’s living expenses.

Regarding rest days, the domestic helper is entitled to one rest day per week, and employers and the Filipino maid must mutually agree on the chosen day. As of January 1, 2023, all employers must ensure their maids have at least one rest day per month that cannot be compensated away. If the maid agrees to work on the remaining rest days, the employer must provide either one day’s salary as compensation or a replacement rest day within the same month.

Employers need to ensure that the Filipino maid’s accommodation meets specific requirements for shelter, amenities, ventilation, safety, modesty, space, and privacy. Adequate food and medical care are the employer’s responsibility, and they must bear the full cost of any medical care, including hospitalisation, and provide medical and personal accident insurance for the maid.

Open communication, family integration, and safe work conditions are essential aspects to consider while employing a Filipino maid in Singapore, and employers can play a crucial role in helping the maid adjust to her new environment and duties.

Matching Process For Filipino Maid in Singapore

At Homekeeper, we empathise with the challenges that families face when searching for the perfect Filipino maid. The process of finding a reliable and suitable candidate can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s why we have designed our services to take care of all the hassle, allowing you to focus on other priorities in your life.

Our unique and efficient matching process begins with a stringent screening of Filipino maids sourced from trusted recruitment partners. This is done to ensure that we only select the most qualified and reliable candidates to be a part of our pool.

With over 300 profiles uploaded to our database at any given time, you have access to a diverse range of potential candidates. Each profile contains key information, making it easy for you to browse through and identify Filipino maids who may be the right fit for your family’s specific needs.

Our personalised approach further sets us apart. Before shortlisting Filipino maids, we take the time to engage in a meaningful conversation with you. By understanding your unique home care requirements and situation, we can narrow down the choices to those who align perfectly with your preferences.

Stringent screening of applicants from recruitment partners to ensure we only employ the most qualified and reliable

We upload qualified applicants’ biodata to our database 300+ profiles at any time with all the key info for you to browse through

We shortlist candidates based on your home care needs after speaking with you and understanding your unique situation

We Make Finding Your Ideal Helper Simple And Pleasant In Just 4 Simple Steps


You select a candidate of your choice from our database of hires, complete with biodata and key information


Our support team processes the necessary documents for you and your helper-to-be


We fly her into Singapore and professionally train her to meet your home care needs


Equipped with the required skills based on your home care needs, your helper starts work in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Filipino Maid in Singapore

How can I hire a Filipino maid through the Homekeeper maid agency?

To hire a Filipino maid or a Myanmar maid or Indonesian maid through the Homekeeper maid agency, you must obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. Comply with requirements, including application forms, passport details, personal information, and written consent from the maid. Additionally, purchase a security bond and insurance policies. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll shortlist suitable candidates.

How can I ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of a Filipino maid recruited by the Homekeeper agency?
Homekeeper ensures the reliability and trustworthiness of recruited Filipino maids through a stringent screening process. We meticulously verify backgrounds, work experiences, and qualifications, ensuring only dependable candidates are selected. Employers can have peace of mind knowing they will be matched with a trustworthy and capable domestic helper.
What are the pre-employment requirements for hiring a Filipino maid?
The pre-employment requirements for hiring a Filipino maid include obtaining a work permit from the MOM in Singapore. Employers must fulfil application forms, provide the maid’s passport details, their personal information, and written consent from the maid. Additionally, a security bond and insurance policies must be purchased. Besides this, Filipino maids must ensure they have the necessary documents, for a smooth transition, when hired from the Philippines to work in Singapore. These documents, obtainable by the workers themselves, include TESDA skill certification (NC II) National Certificate on domestic work, paid OWWA membership, education certificate with a minimum of 8 years of formal education, certificate of attendance to the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS), along with other documents.
How long does the hiring process for a Filipino maid usually take?
The time required to complete the hiring process for a Filipino maid depends on various factors such as the completion of required documents, processing time by the MOM, and medical examinations. After MOM’s approval, it usually takes around 6 to 8 weeks for overseas processing before a helper can arrive in Singapore. You can also refer to the MOM website for more specific details on the application process.
How does the Homekeeper maid agency ensure a suitable Filipino maid for my family's needs?
The Homekeeper maid agency ensures a suitable Filipino maid for your family’s needs through a personalised approach. They engage in meaningful conversations with you to understand your unique home care requirements. By conducting stringent screening of applicants from the Philippines and having a diverse pool of potential candidates, they can identify the perfect match that aligns with your preferences.
What happens if there are issues or conflicts with the Filipino maid after hiring?
In case of issues or conflicts with the Filipino maid after hiring, Homekeeper offers free counselling services to facilitate communication and problem-solving. We have employees who can converse in Tagalog. However, compensation must be made payable to the maid or her beneficiaries in such situations.
What is the process for terminating the employment of a Filipino maid with the Homekeeper agency?
To terminate the employment of a Filipino maid with Homekeeper, you must cancel her Work Permit if she no longer works for you or when her Work Permit expires. Additionally, you must return the cancelled Work Permit card. For more information about the termination of the contract, you can directly get in touch with us.

What Satisfied Families Have Said

Doris Chua

Both my mum and myself have been really happy and satisfied with the domestic helper that we employed recently. This could not have been done without the help of Steven. We highly recommend Steven, who is very responsive and professional during this process.

From recruitment to the helper's arrival, it is just seamless - Steven prepared all the documents, quarantine, training, banks, etc. etc, we did not have to worry at all! Thank you Steven!

Mr Hong

"Want to say a big thank you to Josephine in Elias Mall branch for her kindness and patience to me and my family. I'm really enjoy Homekeeper Home-to-home service. I don't need to visit branch for entire hiring process. Everything can be done online. 

In this challenging time, getting a new helper from overseas is not easy. She is very patient to match the right profile for my family and always respond to my query even on her off days. 

Everything would not have been as smoothly if she didn't give us her guidance into getting our new helper into Singapore from Indonesia. We managed to clear SHN and swap tests successfully. And we are thankful for our smiley new helper this time of the year. 

I am very happy with her service and also the process in Homekeeper to bring in a new helper."

Ms Tew

"From the moment I send in enquiry via WhatsApp, I have the best service experience from Steven.

Everything from A to Z was explained to me in detail. Every question was answered precisely by Steven.

Many domestic helper's profile was shown to me. He also recommended several domestic helper which he thinks fit my requirement.

After sales service was prompt and his response was fast. Very happy and fortunate I engage MDW with Homekeeper Maid Agency instead of other Agency. Will highly recommend my relatives and friends to Homekeeper especially Steven.

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