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In today’s fast-paced society, many Singaporean families depend on Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) to run the household. If you’re looking to hire a helper for an extra pair of hands around the house, you probably would be aware that you either have the option of directly hiring a transfer maid or engaging a transfer maid agency in SG.

Homekeeper stands out as a trusted transfer maid agency in Singapore, offering a seamless and reliable process for families in need of domestic help. With our extensive experience in the industry, we understand the unique requirements of each household and strive to provide a perfect match between employers and transfer maids.

Our agency takes pride in its rigorous selection process, ensuring that each transfer maid is thoroughly screened for reliability and competence. When engaging our services, you can rest assured that you will find a capable and well-trained helper who seamlessly integrates into your home and becomes an invaluable addition to your family’s daily life.

Why Choose Homekeeper as Your Go-To Transfer Maid Agency in Singapore

Homekeeper offers a comprehensive range of services that cater to the specific needs of employers seeking skilled and trustworthy domestic help. With our extensive experience in the industry, we have built a solid reputation for delivering superior transfer maid services to households across Singapore. Our stringent screening process ensures that we present only the most reliable and competent candidates to our clients. By choosing Homekeeper, you gain access to a wide pool of well-trained and experienced transfer maids, allowing you to find the perfect match that aligns with your unique household requirements. Moreover, engaging with Homekeeper expedites the hiring process due to our expertise in handling paperwork and administrative tasks.

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Access Large Candidate Pool

If you’re looking for a transfer domestic helper who can start work as soon as possible, the simplest method is to hire the services of a trusted and reliable transfer maid agency that has a vast pool of transfer helper candidates in Singapore. If you want to find well-trained and experienced transfer helpers, engaging with a maid agency in Singapore, such as Homekeeper, is the most practical and efficient option. Through our agency’s candidate pool, you’ll have the assistance you need to transfer Myanmar maids, Indonesian or Filipino maids into your service. You will have access to an extensive pool of candidates, so you’ll be more likely to find someone that matches your requirements.

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Assistance with Paperwork

To hire a transfer maid in Singapore, you will need to prepare all necessary employment paperwork mandated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), including work permits and insurance policies. You can hire a transfer maid agency in Singapore such as Homekeeper to take care of all these administrative tasks in an efficient manner, saving you time and effort. Transfer maid agency fees are applicable, depending on the services chosen.

With our streamlined approach, your transfer maid’s paperwork is expertly handled, ensuring accuracy and promptness to avoid any delays in the hiring process. By entrusting these administrative responsibilities to us, you can focus on other priorities with peace of mind, knowing that your transfer maid’s employment requirements are being efficiently managed by our dedicated team. Our commitment to organising all paperwork makes the entire process seamless and hassle-free, allowing you to welcome your ideal transfer maid into your home with ease.

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Pre-employment Training

At Homekeeper maid agency, all of our candidates undergo a comprehensive pre-employment training programme to cater to your specific home care needs, including infant & maternal care, elderly & disability care and general housekeeping. From transfer maids to helpers who provide specialised care, we ensure all candidates are fully-trained and are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to assist Singapore households.

Speak to us to hire your ideal helper today!

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Benefits of Hiring Transfer Maids in Singapore

Experience and Expertise

Transfer maids are highly beneficial due to their valuable prior work experience and training. Having served in Singaporean households before, they come equipped with a wealth of knowledge in handling various household tasks. This experience enables them to quickly adapt to their new work environment and seamlessly integrate into the family’s daily routine.

Their proficiency in household chores, such as cooking, cleaning, and childcare, allows them to deliver top-notch home care services. With their expertise, employers can trust transfer maids to handle responsibilities competently, reducing the need for extensive training and supervision.

Moreover, transfer maids’ familiarity with Singapore’s culture and lifestyle further enhances their compatibility with local households. They understand the customs, traditions, and practices, making communication and coordination with family members more comfortable.

Potential Cost Savings

Hiring a transfer maid through our agency in Singapore can prove to be more cost-effective compared to hiring a new maid. While there might be an initial investment, the convenience of relying on an agency saves employers time and effort in the hiring process. With our dedicated services, we take care of all paperwork, find suitable candidates, and offer replacements efficiently. This can lead to significant cost savings in terms of training expenses and agency fees in the long run.

When hiring a transfer maid, certain fees are applicable, such as the foreign worker levy, security bond, medical examination, plane tickets, and related expenses. While these costs are part of the initial investment, they are outweighed by the numerous advantages of employing a seasoned transfer maid. Their prior experience and training mean they require less time for training and acclimatisation, resulting in a smoother integration into the household. For a personalised cost estimation and assistance in hiring a transfer maid, you can directly get in touch with our team.

Homekeeper’s Unique Process Of Helping Families atching Process for Transfer Maid in Singapore

At Homekeeper, we empathise with the challenges families face when searching for the perfect transfer maid. The process of finding a reliable and suitable candidate can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s why we have designed our services to take care of all the hassle, allowing you to focus on other priorities in your life.

Our unique and efficient matching process begins with a stringent screening of transfer maids sourced from trusted recruitment partners. This is done to ensure that we only select the most qualified and reliable candidates to be a part of our pool.

With over 300 profiles uploaded to our database at any given time, you have access to a diverse range of potential candidates. Each profile contains key information, making it easy for you to browse through and identify transfer maids who may be the right fit for your family’s specific needs.

Our personalised approach further sets us apart. Before shortlisting transfer maids, we take the time to engage in a meaningful conversation with you. By understanding your unique home care requirements and situation, we can narrow down the choices to those that align perfectly with your preferences.

Stringent screening of applicants from recruitment partners to ensure we only employ the most qualified and reliable

We upload qualified applicants’ biodata to our database 300+ profiles at any time with all the key info for you to browse through

We shortlist candidates based on your home care needs after speaking with you and understanding your unique situation

We Make Finding Your Ideal Helper Simple And Pleasant In Just 4 Simple Steps


You select a candidate of your choice from our database of hires, complete with biodata and key information


Our support team processes the necessary documents for you and your helper-to-be


We fly her into Singapore and professionally train her to meet your home care needs


Equipped with the required skills based on your home care needs, your helper starts work in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions About Transfer Maid Agencies in Singapore

How does Homekeeper ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of the transfer maids they provide?

At Homekeeper, we understand the importance of hiring a reliable and trustworthy transfer maid for your household. To ensure the quality of the candidates we recommend, we have a stringent screening process in place. We partner with trusted recruitment agencies to source transfer maids with prior work experience and training.

Each transfer maid undergoes thorough background checks and verification of their work history and qualifications. We meticulously assess their character and work ethic to ensure they meet our high standards. This approach guarantees that you will be matched with a responsible and dependable transfer maid who aligns with your specific needs and expectations.

What is the process for handling the necessary paperwork and documentation involved in hiring a transfer maid?

Hiring a transfer maid in Singapore involves several essential paperwork and documentation processes. At Homekeeper, we take care of all these administrative tasks for you, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

Our team assists you in preparing and submitting the necessary employment paperwork mandated by the MOM. This includes work permits, insurance policies, medical examination reports, and more. We ensure that all documents are accurately completed and submitted promptly, avoiding any potential delays in the hiring process.

By entrusting us with the paperwork, you can focus on other priorities, knowing that your transfer maid’s employment requirements are being efficiently managed by our dedicated team.

What services does Homekeeper offer to assist with the transfer maid hiring process?

Homekeeper provides comprehensive services to streamline the transfer maid hiring process and meet your unique home care requirements. Our services include:

  • Candidate Screening: We rigorously screen and select the most qualified and reliable transfer maids to be part of our pool.
  • Database Access: You have access to our database of over 300 transfer maid profiles, making it easy to browse and identify potential candidates.
  • Personalised Shortlisting: Before shortlisting transfer maids, we engage in meaningful conversations with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, narrowing down the choices accordingly.
  • Paperwork Assistance: We handle all necessary paperwork and documentation involved in hiring a transfer maid, ensuring accuracy and prompt submission.
  • Consultation: Our team provides expert advice and guidance throughout the process, answering any questions you may have and offering support as needed.
  • Contract Renewals and Work Permit Assistance: After hiring a transfer maid, we continue to provide support with contract renewals and work permit matters to ensure a seamless and compliant employment relationship.

How much is the transfer maid agency fee for transfer maids in Singapore?

When hiring a transfer maid in Singapore, certain fees are applicable. The total amount of fees you need to pay will depend on the candidate/s you’re hiring. Some of these fees include:

  • Foreign worker levy – The levy costs $300 a month. For subsequent helpers, it costs $450 a month. For more information about the foreign worker levy, you can read more about it here. Additionally, it’s essential to address the levy concession, which forms an integral component of the support system tailored to assist Singaporean individuals requiring caregiving. As a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) employer, you become eligible for a concessional rate of $60 per month, provided you fulfil the stipulated eligibility criteria.
  • Insurance and Security bond – The security bond is a promise to pay the Singapore government amounting up to $5,000 if you break the law that governs employing a helper. You will be required to post a $5,000 security bond for each helper you employ. This is applicable to foreign helpers except for Malaysian nationals. Besides, employers are also required to procure medical insurance for their domestic workers. This insurance must offer a minimum coverage of S$15,000 annually for policies starting before 1st July 2023. After 1st July 2023, employers are obligated to secure personal accident insurance, assuring a sum assured of at least S$60,000 per year. This coverage encompasses unforeseen accidents leading to permanent disability or loss of life.
  • Medical Examination, if required.
  • Plane tickets and other related expenses if the transfer maid is going back to their source country.
  • Applicable transfer maid agency fees

For a more detailed estimate of the transfer maid agency fees and costs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How long does hiring a transfer maid take?

Hiring a transfer domestic helper is typically much faster than hiring through a maid agency. The Homekeeper team can guide you (as the new employer) through all the necessary transfer paperwork and processing required by MOM, which must be completed at least 30 days before the helper’s Work Permit expires. Once the paperwork is complete, it’s possible to arrange for a transfer date immediately if the current employer is agreeable. This means you can apply and hire a transfer maid within a month, depending on the processing period – compared to the months-long process of an agency route.

What support does the Homekeeper provide after hiring a transfer maid, such as contract renewals and work permit assistance?

At Homekeeper, our support does not end with the successful hiring of a transfer maid. We provide ongoing assistance with contract renewals and work permit matters to ensure compliance with regulations.

Our team remains available to address any concerns or queries you may have after hiring your transfer maid. Whether you are hiring a maid to take care of your baby or the elderly in your house, we are here to provide reliable support or guidance on contract renewals or assistance with work permit extensions.

What Satisfied Families Have Said

Doris Chua

Both my mum and myself have been really happy and satisfied with the domestic helper that we employed recently. This could not have been done without the help of Steven. We highly recommend Steven, who is very responsive and professional during this process.

From recruitment to the helper's arrival, it is just seamless - Steven prepared all the documents, quarantine, training, banks, etc. etc, we did not have to worry at all! Thank you Steven!

Mr Hong

"Want to say a big thank you to Josephine in Elias Mall branch for her kindness and patience to me and my family. I'm really enjoy Homekeeper Home-to-home service. I don't need to visit branch for entire hiring process. Everything can be done online. 

In this challenging time, getting a new helper from overseas is not easy. She is very patient to match the right profile for my family and always respond to my query even on her off days. 

Everything would not have been as smoothly if she didn't give us her guidance into getting our new helper into Singapore from Indonesia. We managed to clear SHN and swap tests successfully. And we are thankful for our smiley new helper this time of the year. 

I am very happy with her service and also the process in Homekeeper to bring in a new helper."

Ms Tew

"From the moment I send in enquiry via WhatsApp, I have the best service experience from Steven.

Everything from A to Z was explained to me in detail. Every question was answered precisely by Steven.

Many domestic helper's profile was shown to me. He also recommended several domestic helper which he thinks fit my requirement.

After sales service was prompt and his response was fast. Very happy and fortunate I engage MDW with Homekeeper Maid Agency instead of other Agency. Will highly recommend my relatives and friends to Homekeeper especially Steven.

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